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Ibra is like a modern basketball player....all for the highlight reel, nothing for the team. Will be interesting to see in Barca can change him. I know why they bought him: so Chelsea can't park the bus like last time...and that they'll have a plan B from their pass-to-death style. Don't get me wrong: I love Barca and want them to do well...he just seems to be the kind of player and personality that is all about him and not the team. I feel the same about Berbatov....perhaps we Brits are just not cool enough to get that underneath their cloak of disinterest, these sophisticated continentals are really trying very hard indeed.
Kljestan gives the ball away too much. Please, please no Sasha.
I watched Ching when he played here for San Jose. He is unquestionably a great team player and a really nice guy, always fantastic with the fans. He is also unquestionably not international caliber.
Late breaking fitness news: Donovan has recovered from Swine Flu but Michael Bradley is still suffering from a bad case of nepotism.
Holden in......has to be. We need someone who can hold the ball in midfield. Torres would be great as well.
Ibra hasn't been "match fit" in about 3 years. When was the last time anyone saw him put in a shift, a real shift?
Ibra was pretty poor: he offers no movement and seemed interested only in patches. Is he just unfit? He's certainly not as dynamic as Eto'o....still trying to figure this transfer out (other than the fact Eto'o is supposed to be a pretty unpleasant character....but if that was grounds for dismissal, half the squads on the planet would be down to six players).
Almunia is to blame for Arsenal's defeat. He should never have come. And the important thing: there was contact. So it was a penalty, no matter if The Roon was anticipating it. That got United back in a game that Arsenal were lording over: they were playing beautifully, even without Cesc. Still think they can take a lot of positives out of the game...all the Big4 will take points off each other. Arsenal will do better this year against The Blackburns/Boltons than in years past because they have a more robust midfield with Diaby, Song, Denilson adding a but more tackling/steel. On a separate note: Foster is absolutely crap. "Chocolate wrists," as they say.
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2009 on EPL Week 3: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Poor guy was a marketing tool for MLS and he bought the hype. If it's one thing great players realize, it's how to be coached. I've read stories about Messi that when he landed at the Masia he didn't know how to pass the ball...he was just a dribbler. Look at him now, one of the most complete team players in the world. Look at Freddy: quibbling over a few quid to play in a third level Euro league
Toggle Commented Aug 18, 2009 on Adu loan to Odense collapses at Soccer By Ives
Jim Rome is a horses arse. The fact that he hates our game is proof-positive that we're the good guys.
Chingsmama......exactly. If you can't control that ball you'll end up just another big lugger. A bit like Gooch actually!
Clearly this dude needs to be sent to a footie re-education camp. Gerrard was eclipsed by Palacios and the awesomeness that is Luca Modric on Sunday. In fact Gerrard is one of the least subtle players on the planet. He's all gung-ho action, which is great to the untrained eye. But I've always thought Stevie-G gives up the ball too much to be thought of as truly world-class. Lamps is better if you have to gush at an Englander. If you want subtlety try Cesc's cushioned pass into Denilson's stride for Arsenal's first goal vs The Toffees. Now that was class.