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Few debate the reality that the world around us has become digital. A new midtown Manhattan-based consumer electronics retail store has embraced this new reality and gone a step further with the observation that people are either “on” or “off” the digital world. On Off Digital World recently opened its... Continue reading
Posted Jun 29, 2010 at On Off Digital World
Rene Cardona, one of Duncan Aviation’s aircraft transaction experts, says that privately owned jets (also called business, corporate or executive jets and sometimes even bizjets) probably number at between 10,000 and 20,000 worldwide. According to Rene Cardona, speaking from his offices in Lincoln, Nebraska, the majority of the privately-owned fleet... Continue reading
The professionals at Collex Collision Experts know how frustrating it is when a car owner tries to get an estimate on how much it will cost to repair damage to their vehicle. The standard procedure across the collision repair industry, including at Collex Collision Experts, has been to ask the... Continue reading
Clueless when it comes to washing your car? Collex Collision has got your back. There are tips and tricks that will make life easier when cleaning a vehicle, says Collex Collision. Here are the most important ones. Washing your car involves choosing the right soap, says Collex Collision. If you... Continue reading
If there is one struggle that homeowners share in common, 1st Loan Modification of America believes that it is pest control, most commonly ants. The good news, according to 1st Loan Modification of America, is that most indoor ants cause little damage because ants nest in wood but do not... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2010 at 1st Loan Modification of America
Rather than depend upon "old school" banking channels to finance his small business clients, Paul G. Hauf has taken financing into his own hands. Paul G. Hauf has spent the last 30 years building up a network of small business lenders that want to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams.... Continue reading
James Smith has previously provided tips on how to determine that a collectible piece of art is authentic. Most of his advice was centered on verifying the authority that attributes the artwork. Here, James Smith adds advice on how to spot a phony. James Smith explains that there are a... Continue reading
Posted Apr 7, 2010 at James Smith
Tom Patterson is a middle school band director at Deerpark Middle School with an extensive background in the history of music. One of band director Tom Patterson's favorite subjects is the history of musical instruments. Tom Patterson has researched many instruments across many cultures. One of the more interesting of... Continue reading
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Mar 16, 2010
Chiro8000’s Windmill Technology is a unique assembly of program features designed to increase software speed and efficiency while keeping the database optimally clean. It is only available with the Chiro8000 Patient Relationship Software and comes standard with all levels. Below are some of the unique benefits you will experience with... Continue reading
Home based businesses face a particular challenge when the homeowner renovates. With a team of builders pulling the house apart, the productivity and lifestyle of the home can be severely disrupted. Brian Weinstock and the team at Home Installation Professionals know that this stress counts extra for home-based businesses. Home... Continue reading
Living with arthritis is a difficult challenge for many of the patients at Monahan Chiropractic. However, with imagination and practice, many of the pains and inconveniences of arthritis can be eased or eliminated. Monahan Chiropractic Clinic offers essential tips to help build routines that make living with arthritis easier. Take... Continue reading
Lafnac Digital Computers knows that there are as many electronic gadgets on the market as there are websites selling them. With so much information and so many choices at your fingertips, how do you decide? Here are a few tips and tricks, courtesy of Lafnac Digital Computers, on how to... Continue reading
Konrad Kafarski understands that our country has fallen on hard economic times. Konrad Kafarski also wants to remind Americans that our economy has historically moved through high and low cycles. We are noticing this current downturn more because it is so extreme. In light of these trying economic times, Konrad... Continue reading
Chef Ben Vaughn knows that olive oil is a long standing and highly regarded component of gourmet cooking. The value of olive oil has been demonstrated culturally for millennia by its popularity among all Mediterranean cultures. While modern science has verified the culinary and health benefits of olive oil, notes... Continue reading
People often ask Bobby Martyna, CEO of Tradavo, what they can do to realize their dreams. He assures these inquirers that they can achieve their aspirations by creating realistic goals and taking simple steps towards those goals. Recently, Bobby Martyna explained that the goals you make must be attainable on a daily and weekly level. Once you develop an ability to make and achieve goals consistently in the short term, large plans can follow. To begin, visualize your dream. Imagine each detail as clearly as possible. Bobby Martyna says to picture your dream so clearly that you can almost hold... Continue reading
Brushing and flossing alone is not enough to keep your mouth healthy. Dr. Dennis J Norheim, DDS is a dental professional who knows what a huge role dentists play in individual patient dental care. If everyone could have a clean and healthy mouth without the help of a dentist, why are there dentists in every town? Dr. Dennis J Norheim, DDS says that your mouth needs a dentist. Dentists can see problems long before patients are aware of them. In fact Dr. Dennis J Norheim, DDS can even prevent many problems with the help of regular check ups. Visiting your... Continue reading
Our world in the 21st century is full of shortcuts and “instant” solutions. Many people make the mistake of thinking that this philosophy of shortcuts is applicable to personal health, especially dental health. Dr. Dennis J Norheim, DDS wants his patients to learn a better dental health philosophy. It is not hard to find people who exercise regularly still skipping brushing their teeth when they are in a hurry. Dr. Dennis J Norheim, DDS teaches his patients to consistently brush twice every day. Some modern fast track citizens find this too much to do. One of the most common forms... Continue reading
Your hair and nails are both very good indicators of the general health condition of your body. If you are suffering from illness or stress then that is sure to be reflected in your skin, hair and fingernails. Your hair may have conditions like brittleness, thinning, breaking, and splitting when neglected or when you are in a very stressful situation. Jerrold D. Bass also tells his clients that their hair will show evidence of neglect if their body is deficient in essential nutrients and vitamins. Most of us know that nutrition is very important for our bodies. But even though... Continue reading
It’s not too long nor is it too short. A medium length haircut is perfect for nearly everyone, whether the hair is straight and ultra-fine, or thick and quite curly. Jerrold D. Bass says that there is a medium hairstyle to suit your unique tastes and hair type. The popularity of medium-length hair has never waned, and remains extremely popular today. In fact, most hairstyles that you see can be considered medium-length styles. Just think about a textured bob or layered haircuts. Most of these look their best at a medium length. Many of Jerrold D. Bass’ clients choose a... Continue reading
Turan Sahinkaya and Lori Sahinkaya are proud parents to have their children Scott, Trent, and Chad win the PTA Reflections contest for multiple years during their time in elementary and middle school. Reflections is a cultural arts program sponsored by the PTA which encourages creativity and artistic expression. It was developed in 1969 by Colorado PTA President Mary Lou Anderson to interest children, parents, teachers and communities in the arts. Turan Sahinkaya states, “My kids really look forward to this project each year.” Each year a new theme is chosen and students can enter in four categories: literature, visual arts,... Continue reading
Turan Sahinkaya has worked with his father, Dr. Yilmaz Sahinkaya, on gaining a U.S. patent acceptance for the Optimal Control System for an Electric Motor Driven Vehicle. This idea is currently being widely discussed among the Top Five vehicle producing manufacturers in the world. Turan Sahinkaya explains, “Operating conditions experienced by a battery-operated vehicle driven by one or more permanent magnet or separately excited DC motors are sensed and converted into a control signal. “The control signal is applied to a pulse width modulator which controls the conduction periods of SCR's in such a way that the average motor armature... Continue reading
Tarrant County resident Lori Sahinkaya, wife of Turan Sahinkaya, received an Honorable Mention in's “America's Funniest Humor” Contest, earning publication online and in print. Turan Sahinkaya states, “What an incredible honor for Lori to get selected for this prestigious publishing project.” Humor Press TM, one of America's most popular humor sites, publishes the funniest humor columns, humor essays and real-life humor stories! Turan Sahinkaya remarks, “I am really proud of Lori to have her talented writing and hard work pay off once again.” Lori's entry, "The Unspoken Contract," is about a piece of paper mothers and fathers must sign... Continue reading
In today’s troubled economy, many non-profit organizations have faced a decline in contributions and have had to seek out ways to reduce expenditures and make their dollars go farther. When the Weston, Florida synagogue Temple Dor Dorim discovered Energy Automation Systems’ energy saving equipment, they were able to save 28 percent on electricity, it was like manna from heaven. Energy Automation Systems designed and sold the energy saving technologies that have saved money for Temple Dor Dorim. In the current situation in which non profit organizations face budget reductions with donations reduced, energy savings has a money-saving reward and an... Continue reading
Nationally recognized marketing company VMI Oakbrook (Illinois) is extremely proud of the work and dedication that its employees and partners have contributed this past year. Thanks to their loyalty, VMI is poised for exponential growth. In business, successful business partnerships depend on a good return on investment. Outsourcing is often implemented as a long-term strategy for success. U.S. companies now have a valuable resource when it comes to outsourcing – VMI Oakbrook. The question no longer is ‘why outsource?’ but ‘why not outsource?’ Economist and author Adam Smith stated in The Wealth of Nations, "If a foreign country can supply... Continue reading