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Samaulle Esun
In my tree
Genius comes in many colours but you only get one shade.
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It was september of two 2007. My dad was in Thailand, meeting with his girlfriend over there, and I was driving around in my car to gather up log book hours because in australia, like I'm sure it is in all other countries, we need to rack up hours before we can finally get our licence.I'd asked my father to get me a crusifix necklass whilst in Thailand and it was I suppose because I was remembering this that I had a dream about walking into a shop and choosing from a collection of crusifix necklaces one night after going... Continue reading
Went out with my mate and other mate who's down from the city tonight. We went to the local pub and for two and a half hours played pool and smoked cigarettes to the back drop of popular music on big screens around the back room, and talk of girls and bands and things. We got into this conversation about France and Europe and traveling, because one of them had just come back, and were talking about how permuscuous people get over there and when they're traveling. One couple were even having sex in front of people whilst in the... Continue reading
This is a small story in synchronicity that I have. I was at a friends party, after my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, and was there with a family friend who was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and was at one point of time, after wrestling a few of my friends brothers younger friends and winning against a guy who was actually a bit of an angry fighting type, talking to a young really pretty gothic type girl whilst sitting down leaning against opposite walls in the hallway, for a long time, about all sorts of stuff really, when we decided to... Continue reading
It is likely that I'll be writing these prolificaly first up, being so new to blogging. I will slow down in the coming days I'm sure and when I get work more steadily (I'm working with dad today, second fixing,) but it's sad that no one will see this besides my friends and those who I send it to. I have tried searching for it on google but haven't been able to yet, maybe it's because it hasn't refreshed yet I dunno but if the problem persists I'll contact them. There isn't many searches when I search applied schizophrenics in... Continue reading
Transdiction is a touchy subject. Firstly, because I made the word up; secondly, because most doctors would deny its existance beyond that of it being a delusion. In the schizophrenics diagnosis it requires one to have various halucinations, one being the TV or radio talking to you. When the TV is talking to you throught symbols, metaphores and analogys. This is transdiction. Now, of course this should be a scientific term, used to replace halucinations, but it is hard for the doctors and psychologists to coin a term such as this because they have not been elightened in this way.... Continue reading
I'm tired of always having to rise up against people :'( I got angry today, which is strange because I'd been having the best day and havn't even been angry since the last time my dad tried to call me schizophrenic to win an arguement. It's always about the illness. Mum answered a call from the doctors and tried to smuggle the phone away from me, so I demanded it from her and had to yell after about 20 seconds of demanding for her to let me have it. The doctors have told her she isn't to talk to them... Continue reading
hwen I was driving home from getting a pack of cigarettes about an hour ago, and when I was pulling into the weed covered dirt patch at the front of the house , it was that I came across a bunny rabbit. Now, it's usually kangaroos around here, with a small forest patch so close to our house, in fact just across the road and behind the neighbors’ houses, and I was so surprised to see a small bunny hunched into the weeds that I rolled down my window and started calling, "Go home, bunny, go home!" and watched it... Continue reading