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Got this off of the USA Today site. San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore had 134 total yards and a touchdown against the Colts in Week 8. CAPTIONBy Brent Smith, ReutersMiami Hurricanes alum Frank Gore of the San Francisco 49ers rushed for a touchdown in the first quarter of San Francisco's 18-14 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. No big deal? Typically no, except it was the 113th consecutive week in the NFL that a former Hurricane scored a touchdown. That is more than 6½ seasons without missing a weekend. lists every touchdown scored since 1940, so unless a team such as Army or Notre Dame can claim a longer streak before World War II, 113 games is the longest such streak. Here are the top streaks of 40 games or more: School Start year, week to end year, week Streak Miami (Fla.) 2002, Week 15 to present 113 games Ohio State 1996, Week 10 to 2001, Week 6 82 games Michigan 1996, Week 14 to 2001, Week 1 73 games Southern California 1978, Week 2 to 1982, Week 3 66 games LSU 1986, Week 14 to 1989, Week 16 50 games Notre Dame 1994, Week 14 to 1997, Week 2 40 games Closest team is 31 weeks behind. Notice FLORIDA is not on the list. Guess if you play a gimmick offense like the run and shoot or the spread, you aren't ready for the NFL!
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Last year the talk was that Marve and Harris were always neck and neck; no clear cut distinction between them. Either somebody was not exactly telling the truth or Jascory did a lot of growing up since last season. One thing I do know is that the way Harris scans the whole field is a lot better than when Marve would check his primary receiver and then take off if the receiver was covered. I think it was Jim Kelly or someone of that caliber saying that during one of the games last year.
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Where were Randy's mistakes??? Timeouts were called on the field, not by the coaches on the sidelines. Timeouts were called when Jacory came to the line and didn't like what he saw. Then there was the defensive time out because they didn't have the right complement of players on the field. No time management problems unless you want to call that last TD time management problems (personally I think they scored too early. 1:58 left on the clock and coop run's it in from 5 yards out. They should have milked the clock for an additional minute 30 or so). Yeah Bosher has the leg but was it a tired leg?? Finally, the one bad thing I saw in the game was the cramping. Usually it's the other teams that have those kind of problems. What gives?? Gotta hydrate starting a day or so out so you don't get the cramps. Overall a good start to the season. ESPN, do you really look at the teams or do you have your heads so far up teblow's posterior that you can't see daylight. Hey jonathan, if it's so easy to recruit south florida, then why didn't Coker get anybody???
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