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I wish it weren't true, but it is. Very few people buy things because it is the rational thing to do, and clients are just people with bigger budgets.
This is one of the clearest perspectives that I've ever read on the true value of Word of Mouth Marketing. Thanks for that.
Thanks for the simple inspiration, it was much needed. Cheers!
Step away for a week's vacation and it will be consistent - it will steadily drop like a rock ;-)
[read worthy] :)
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We plan for the rational because it is measurable, and we are owned by measurement. Thanks for sharing your presentation, it's fantastic.
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Tom, thanks for bringing up the topic. I've benefited much from others live-tweeting conferences and events, but my general feeling is that live-tweeting is intellectual-bulimia. Process the knowledge before passing it along, folks.
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I really like the way that you have defined "Social Engagement"
I'm glad that you liked the presentation. Thanks for sharing it here. Cheers!