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Shrestha Sinha
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Wes Crusher hang around with Ashley, Tell her sweater look nice Wes Crusher replicate her soda Replicate'her cup, replicate'her ice, Ashley say no thank you for the soda cause Soda make you fat Anyway Ashley busy with the Aliens No time for chat Wes Crusher have long walk back to bridge console he sit down pretend to work Wes Crusher not plotting so straight Wes Crusher not feeling so great I could go on all day ;)
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The (a href="">song lyrics are on JoCo's page, but I'm not sure to which lost lyrics you are, specifically, referring.
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It works with other JoCo songs too: Wil Wheaton get up; get coffee, Wil Wheaton go to job Wil Wheaton have boring meeting With boring publisher Rob Rob say Wil Wheaton very dilligent But his output stink His words not "functional" or "elegant" What do Wil Wheaton think? Wil Wheaton think maybe publisher want to write god damned introduction himself Wil Wheaton not say it out loud Wil Wheaton not crazy, just proud - before the meme breaks.
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