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agi anker
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Hello, all I am not one to shy away from soda, but I have been trying to cut down/cut it out completely this year. One alternative I love is carbonated water, or club soda or seltzer, or “bubbly water” as my kids put it. I feel like I’m getting that carbonated soda-y feeling without the caffeine, sugar, or sodium. What I don’t like is buying bottles and bottles of seltzer and, even though I recycled the bottles, just felt like there could be an alternative to all the liters of water. Sodastream is doing just that - liberating people from plastic bottles and soda cans by allowing people to make their own sodas and carbonated water at home. If the average American consumes almost 600 cans or bottles of soda every year, more than bottled water - doesn’t it make sense to stop the cycle and make your own, avoiding the waste? Here are the amazing environmental benefits of a soda maker - • No batteries or electricity • Reduces energy used to manufacture bottles and cans • Reduces gas and pollution from shipping packaged beverages • Eliminates pollution from batteries I have the Pure home soda system, and I LOVE it. It doesn’t use electricity or batteries to work - just the power of carbon dioxide injected into their special water container. It’s very easy to use - install the carbon dioxide canister, fill the bottle with cold water, attach it to the system, and inject the CO2. You can leave the carbonated water as is, or add Sodastream’s large variety of soda-flavored syrups or natural essence water enhancers to give it great flavor. Try the link..