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In the last week of Mr. P's school, when Shmoogie was already out for the summer, we planted a little collection of containers together, since she loves growing things so much. I was tired, and lifting big bags of soil at that point had to be taken carefully, but we spread it out over several days and we had a good time. Of course, this is the child who loves lettuce. Now she also loves kale, at least the baby leaves that are showing up at the moment. Always one to hang around whenever I bring out the chopping board,... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at What There's Time For
We'd been told that summer in Seattle starts on July 5th. Given that we were cold huddling in sweatshirts for the 4th (and wishing I'd brought wool sweaters) and that we've pretty much been sweating since then, I'd say that's pretty accurate. Shmoogie spied the first of the ripe blackberries today as we headed to the lake to stay cool for the evening. Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2014 at What There's Time For
We're having somewhat of a heat wave, although not with temps that would impress anyone back home. It's 6 pm and 81 degrees outside. Inside, where we've had the windows shut since the cool morning, it's now 79 degrees. And stuffy. We should go out. Continue reading
Posted Jul 10, 2014 at What There's Time For
All of us are in the car, driving to 4th of July festivities last week, when suddenly Shmoogie shrieks like she's just seen a tarantula climbing over the back seat. Turns out, she's seen a mosquito. Both she and Mr. P (but mostly Mr. P) try to kill it for a while, but the flailing soon subsides. Then comes a classic injured-Shmoogie wail. "He's telling the mosquitoes to come bite me!" "That's ridiculous. Mr. P cannot talk to mosquitoes. No one can talk to mosquitoes." "Really?" Sniff. "Really." Moments pass, then more wailing. "He's telling them to come bite my... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2014 at What There's Time For
When Mr. P was born, I was certain I wanted no photos taken during labor. I'm not sure why. I'm sure I had reasons, but I can't remember them at all. When Shmoogie was born, I wanted photos. And we were so blessed to have Auntie Doula, who is also a tremendous photographer, there for the birth. Some of the most treasured photos of my life are in the set she took that day. I was so awed by how incredible they were, that I put one of Shmoogie the instant after she was born, covered in vernix and amniotic... Continue reading
Posted Jul 7, 2014 at What There's Time For
Too much squabbling at the breakfast table got Mr. P banished to the back porch, from whence he recently reported, "I just encountered a fly! It tried to take my bagel! I think it's going to go get a lot of flies and take my bagel away. An army of flies." A good reason to develop a hands-free nursing technique is to be able to eat cake in a civilized two-handed manner while nursing. My preference is to be mostly reclined in bed and drape the baby across my rib cage on his tummy. Baby has to be alert and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 4, 2014 at What There's Time For
The other two newborns of my life, I never let them sleep in the bed with us. I was afraid they would get accidentally covered by the blanket and suffocate. Or roll their face into one us and suffocate. Or get rolled over on and suffocate. Or roll over so their face was smooshed in the mattress and suffocate. These worries made me too tense to fall asleep or stay asleep if they were there. This time, I'm somewhat more relaxed. It also helps that the weather is warm, so we aren't using the fluffy (suffocating!) comforter. And I've noticed... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2014 at What There's Time For
Today's outing for Mr. P, Auntie Doula, and the older kids was a little canoe paddle on the lake. They've been telling me ever since they went with DiDi that the lilies have bloomed and today Mr. P and Shmoogie raced into my room on their return, holding up trophies with dripping stems still dangling almost to the floor (Mr. P had a lily pad in one hand and a bloom in the other, Shmoogie had the other bloom. I'm not sure what became of the pad, but I hope it's not on top of Mr. P's dresser like Shmoogie... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2014 at What There's Time For
Yesterday, Mr. P talked me into playing chess with him. I figured he'd beat me easily because he has actual strategy (of a sort). And certainly an aggressive offense! But somehow, I beat him twice. Probably because several times I'd be about to make a move and he'd say, "Not a good idea!" and then explain everything to me. And I'd make my final move and not even realize I had him trapped until he went, "Oh. You win," and disappointedly knocked over his king. He is definitely the better player. I remember as a kid being fascinated by chess.... Continue reading
Posted Jun 28, 2014 at What There's Time For
We humans are deeply superstitious. Or, perhaps more charitably, our impressive pattern-recognition circuitry is pretty much incapable of running on anything but overdrive. So, you have two kids, both born on Tuesdays, and you think, hey, this is some kind of fact about me. I have kids on Tuesdays. And you have your first kid two days after his due date and the second kid one day after her due date and so you think, I see this pattern! (Any first grader would see this pattern, I can tell you.) My third kid will be born *on* his due date!... Continue reading
Posted Jun 25, 2014 at What There's Time For
With no grandparents in town, I got to be Mr. P's "special person" for grandparents' day, which was interesting. It's a bit different than being the plain old parent, especially than being the plain old parent volunteer. :) I got to go to art class and we made Miro-inspired sculptures together. I tried to make mine look a little like Alex. And then Mr. P got to decorate it for me after it was fired. Love it. Continue reading
Posted Jun 19, 2014 at What There's Time For
When Shmoogie is sad that she's going to be the only girl, I tell her that it'll be great someday, she'll see. We'll do girly things, just us, and it will be fun. And then she asks me, "Like what kind of things?" and I kind of fail to answer. Today, though, DiDi is in town and DiDi wanted to have a girls' outing to the salon and now Shmoogie has sparkling turquoise toes and glittery copper fingernails and she thinks the salon was a lot of fun. Thank you, DiDi. :) Continue reading
Posted Jun 18, 2014 at What There's Time For
Yes, that is very cool!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2014 on Butterfly Tatoo at What There's Time For
It has to be more than a year since the morning that Mr. P woke up, found a permanent marker (how????), and drew some lovely pictures with it. He drew them on paper and had absolutely no malintent, but he put the paper on the guest bed to do his drawing and the pen leaked through in several spots. The guest bed had on it the quilt that DiDi made for us many years ago. This was very very sad. I went so far as to ask DiDi for the scraps of leftovers from the project so I could patch... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2014 at What There's Time For
There are many things to love about the new washing machine that we just got (the one that was in the house was, I think, 30 years old, so I am very glad our landlords agreed to our proposal to replace it). It takes up barely more space than the old one, but seems to wash twice (or more) as much. It sings a sweet cheerful little tune for you when you start a load and when it's done (Shmoogie is also very found of this feature). Its stainless steel innards gleam with the promise of efficiently achieved cleanliness. And... Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2014 at What There's Time For
Modeled with the 20 minute craft of the day - two bandanas and some elastic make a shirt/dress! She brought the first bandana to me and held it up in front of herself and said, "I want to make a shirt!" I tried to get out of it, then came to my senses, and there we are. Continue reading
Posted Jun 12, 2014 at What There's Time For
A broken foot sounds worse!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2014 on Recovering at What There's Time For
So, on Sunday evening, as I was walking across the kitchen to get a can of beans out of the pantry, my left foot (which was wearing a slipper with a particularly worn down, i.e. smooth, rubber sole) landed in a puddle of water on the linoleum. The really sad thing is, it was a puddle of water that both Mr. Right and I had noticed not long before and which he had wanted to wipe up, but realized I'd be pissed if he used one of the new dish towels on the floor (and got sidetracked on the way... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2014 at What There's Time For
The cake was done on time and looked pretty good and got delivered ok, although that was the most harrowing one mile car ride of my life! Mexican chocolate cake (recipe from the Internet), filling between layers was slightly cinnamonned butter cream frosting, topping poured chocolate ganache. The lime peel spiral is just to disguise the weird bit in the middle (because a large cake has to be baked with a metal cone in the middle). I hear it was yummy and definitely fed 40 people. :) Continue reading
Posted Jun 9, 2014 at What There's Time For
I'm making a cake to donate tomorrow and had to try out the recipe today. Shmoogie is always happy to help with a baking project and did a decent job of keeping her hands out of the ingredients (after the first time, with the flour, and the second time, with the cocoa powder... "But why do I have to wash my hands AGAIN?!"). Ok, so, cake. There's cake in the house. The kids got a piece after school and knew they were headed for another after dinner, which meant they were done in a flash and asking us for cake... Continue reading
Posted Jun 6, 2014 at What There's Time For
This week is not blogging itself very well, is it? ;) We've had good friends in town and everyone took the day off yesterday to hang out at the Aquarium and have lunch on the waterfront and a picnic dinner at the park. It's also WWDC week and I was SO happy to have the hours to myself on Monday to watch the keynote. And happy that I have Twitter friends to exclaim about things with. Because - and I don't know if I can really explain to you how big any of this is - there is a new... Continue reading
Posted Jun 4, 2014 at What There's Time For
Mr. P has fairly suddenly become quite interested in "the lump". He "pats" it and I remind him to be gentle because I don't enjoy being poked into a contraction. He hugs me around the middle and I say NOT TOO TIGHT because I don't enjoy being squeezed into a contraction, either. He wants me to read him a bedtime story and says he can't sit in my lap because of "the lump". His friend comes over to pick him up for a play date and he makes sure to point out "the lump" (which is, I admit, becoming quite... Continue reading
Posted May 30, 2014 at What There's Time For
The couch project is going pretty well. I got all the seat cushions done and was about to tackle the back cushions when Shmoogie and I took that trip to IKEA and I got a few throw pillows to add a little color and interest to the couch that otherwise makes me think of a bench in an airport waiting lounge. In 1968. Or something. Being so excited about the new pillows, I took the old back cushions off the couch (so the yucky old material wouldn't be messing up my dreamy view of the future) and draped the remaining... Continue reading
Posted May 29, 2014 at What There's Time For
Yesterday afternoon, Shmoogie raided the supply of blank index cards. This has long been a favorite thing to do. This time was different, though. She came to me with a stack of three cards and said, "I made some pictures! This is the Space Needle! This is the ferris wheel! This is a butterfly!" I said they were lovely and she said she was going to go draw some more. When she came back again, she showed me all the pictures again, plus the new ones and then declared, "And, it's a story. I want to make them into a... Continue reading
Posted May 28, 2014 at What There's Time For
Shmoogie regularly looks as of she's about to cry and says she really wants to move back to our other house, the one with "the soft floor". We're not going back, and I myself hope we will never be in another wall-to-wall carpet house, but area rugs are a different matter and this one I could not resist. The two of us had a very nice morning at IKEA today. Mostly boring little things like a bunch of new washcloths to stack in the birth preparation closet, but also the adorable button rug and some pretty pillows for the couch... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2014 at What There's Time For