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Rex Ryan is soooo fat, when he goes to the movies, he sits next to EVERYONE.
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Saban, he shoulda gone after Brees. Imagine where we would be today. it just pisses me off to even think about it. I thought Culpepper was garbage before the injury, and he only got worse.
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Where was the wildcat play with the flip to Pennington and the deep pass to Pat Cobbs? They've ran that play 2 times, both times it's produced. Would have been a perfect first play on that final drive. The team played their guts out from every aspect of the game, Offense, Defense, even Special Teams had great coverage. But the COACHING lost the game in that final series.
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Ya know i can't remember a time when i've been more excited to see what a cornerback is gonna do on the field. Sean Smith is electric and i think he's the second coming of Pat Surtain. if Will Allen has another year like he did last year, i see us having one of the best secondary tandems in the league. It's gonna be fun watching that kid get nothing but better.
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