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Thanks for the quick reply. I didn't get that you need to add both versions of the domain if you are domain mapping. So I did get it to display on my main blog, but immediately took it off -- it is just too bulky, with the profile photos, width, and all those elements that Twitter doesn't let you control. Too bad. Now, I was only able to get tweets to display on the default blog of several blogs I use on the site. (I use multiple blogs to get different sections of my site with somewhat different layouts -- which would be a heck of a lot easier if I did not have to give them all the same name so they would have the same title, something I've wasted time bringing up before). I couldn't get the tweets to display on a blog that was in a different folder from the "home" blog on the site. (I wanted to test there first.) But again, given that this widget is too ugly and inflexible to use, that may not be a problem.
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you're right, I just want the text feed, not a profile picture, not photos, etc.
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Doesn't work for me, either. I just get a link to my Twitter account, but no display of any Tweets. So I've dropped the Twitter widgets from my blog from now. Kind of a pain ...
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