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Recent Activity Reading this now. Looks like it's dispelling rumors as we speak. No clue as to the accuracy of the post but it is logical. I still don't support this pork laden bill though. Always learning something... Thanks!
From what I can tell, everyone here is on the same page for the most part. Sure, our views come from different sources such as business experience, personal medical, countries we live and more. Bottom line, all of these experiences lead to the same end view point. Social Health plans won't work. The problem is beaurocrats. Most beaurocrats are not business people are are incapable of handing even their own personal finances much less running a multi billion dollar industry. (Please review finances on the above mentioend USPS, Medicare, Medicaid and our beloved Social Security) How is your experience when you go to the DMV? Have you ever gone to DHS to collect food stamps or WIC coupons? I have. I don't even live in a major metropolitan area and I still spent 2-4 hours of my day waiting in line while over weight, under paid, undereducated and angry people provided me with the coupons for my financial aid. Add to the fact that the building is old and out dated, their technology is atleast 10 years old and information management system is archaic at best and you have a very unpleasant experience. Talk about adding insult to injury! However, despite my comment about the staff, the redeeming part of my trip was talking to my councilor. She cared about the people she delt with and through empathy and intelligence, gave the post possible scenario for help. That's one out of maybe 5 employees I dealt with on any given day. So we're going to expand this business model to encompass health care. Currently experience with my current general provider is very pleasant. The office is clean, I hear contemporary Christian music playing (It's peaceful. Not a preference. Just mentioned it to point out it was a preference they are still able to exercise. Think that will change with Govt control?), the receptionist knows my name and my doctor is extremely involved in my curch. They even made changes to accept my particular insurance. I am very blessed to have them as my provider. I'm also a type 1 diabetic. When I can't afford my meds, they give me samples, pins, test strips and anything else they can. It's not always available as I'm not the only one they help. But still. what a relief! And Obama and co. want me to trade this, for the DMV or DHS experience. I was going to ask Deborah, the Canadian that expressed frustration at our lack of openmindedness to the social concept, a few questions. Then the network went down and I came here instead. I've a few rumors I'd like dispelled as well about Canadian health care. Perhaps some of you folks can help me out. 1. Are doctors salary capped? Do they have a quota to meet to make that salary and, if so, are they permitted to stop seeing patients once that quota is met? 2. If I needed an emergency MRI, would I be able to get that service within an hour or two like I can in the US? 3. Why are there so many hospitals along the US/Canadian border? And why do they spend so much money advertising advanced surgery techniques, special pricing and other high end services in Canada? Can't Canada perform all these? Is there a long wait or something? 4. What percent of the Canadian population works for the government anyway? I heard approx. 40%, is this true? What's the % tax withheld on the average Joe? I bet it's higher than 18% that I pay. Oh, did I mention I get almost all of it back? (Except state. Arkansas isn't on board with giving my money back.) 4. A friend of mine from Montreal is in his 50's. I met him through my mom who met him on Pogo of all places. Long/short, he is affluent and has the cash to pay. Last year he had a stroke. I remember him doing his hospital stay in Buffalo, NY. Why is that? He would rather travel 100+ miles, after being stabalized, to stay in Buffalo? I'm just curious. Sure, I focus on the negative. I know there are many good things about Canadian health care. I just like ours better. Last thing, just thought of it. I hear on a conservative talk radio show, think it was Dave Ramsey, (don't hold me to it) that the Canadian health care system is on the verge of collapse because of more money going out than in. Please dispell this rumor too if you can. I really have no first hand info on these topics. I talk to people and listen to the media like 99% of the people out there. The comments above are the rumors that stand out the most. Clarification would be great. Thanks!