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"Say No" is clearly ignorant to anything that does not directly affect him/her. "Who cares if we use chemicals in our lawns or it gets in our foods - we've all been fine so far with it - I can't see that it's hurting anyone." Let me tell you who is hurt by this. I have a nephew and niece with Wilson disease, which causes excessive absorption of copper. Growers use copper sulfate to treat fruits and vegetables, which directly affects their health. Although they really aren't sure of the long-term affects of copper sulfate, they just know it isn't good. How promising. My pediatrician warned me that if I get my son tested for this disease he could be denied coverage due to a preexisting condition. Thanks to the new health care law, my son can't be denied coverage due to a preexisting condition. We have been paying for his tests with an independent lab ourselves in order to avoid insurance companies for this very reason. And yes, we have one big-ass garden, fruit trees and hens- all without chemicals.
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