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tony diaz
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Armando: The Communism arrive, censure,lack of free expression, 99%, 1%, what the hell is happening in our country?
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Congratulations Armando,if there is a Pulitzer Price for Great post, you already won it.What a very simple(for us the readers),deep and wide analysis of the Miami Dolphins Offense.
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Very simple, Chad Pennington days are over,with a weak arm will be very hard to win versus the best teams -look the schedule for this year-,yesterday was a copy cat of the last year playoff versus Baltimore. Chad Henne days start yesterday. The Off. Coordinator call a bad game, the Atlanta Secundary was not tested enough in the 4 periods of the game.Ronnie Brown is not the elite RB. that he said he is.Miami is two years away (Draft) from be a very good team.
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My sincere condolences for you and your family,a great lady will be close to the Lord,my prayers will be with Salguero Family
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