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Slink Jadranko
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I don't know if you saw the tweet at Felica Day just now... If you search on "to:wilw" you get only replies, as it were, without all the mentions. Ought to cut out some of the spamboterificness. Ah, was beaten to it... The page didn't update properly (downloading NFL games I think). Thought it odd that my post was still the last.
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Not having that many followers or legitimate mentions, I just don't see this kind of spamming, and hadn't pictured this as an exploit they would use, but that is horrendous! The fact that it abuses your name in such a way to catch users who might see it and think it is a retweet makes it seem all the more malicious too. I'm glad I don't see much of that sort of thing, but definitely hope they sort it out. It is a strangely great thing when it works as it should... If IRC worked on a delay I'd still use it, but handling IM over such delayed periods, like email chess is perfect.
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