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Sam Seiden: In July of 2007, you authored an article called, CROSS THE BRIDGE AWAY FROM ILLUSION. It was about using Supply and Demand for buying and selling options as I recall. I have looked for further detailed information concering this very interesting topic. Pursuant to this article, do you perceive yourself as doing a WEBNAR devoted to this special subject in the future? Alan Kleeg
Sam Seiden: In 2007, you wrote an article called, "Cross The Bridge Away From Illusions." The article dealt with using supply and demand to buy and sell options either at or in the money. Due you perceive yourself at some future date giving a "WebNar" pursuant to that subject?
In this great webnar, on the 30 minute chart towards the end of the chart, I noticed higher lows coming into the price action, and lower lows on both the OSMA and the Stochastics which meant to me there was Hidden Divergence coming into this move, and sure enough the price shot up like a rocket. Alan