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First, you've got to try the Yoga 13. I'm loving it. And the next iteration gets even better battery life. Traditionally, the big killer of battery life on Windows hasn't been kernelspace or system code, it's been userland apps. Apps which engage in polling, for example, forcing the system to spin up a CPU or--worse--access disk. Load up procmon on an idle system, watch the stuff that scrolls by while you're not directing it to do anything. That's the stuff that's usually eating your battery. Even the userland apps that Microsoft puts out vary in quality. Their helper application for Intellimouse polls, for example. Finally, no two web browsing experiences are alike. Google Maps brings my HD4000-based laptop to its knees in Chrome. Some web browsing apps churn JS at a high rate to deal with events or polling. If you're going to try to measure differences in battery life based on your experience web browsing, you need to make sure you're recreating the same conditions. (And that's going to be hard...browsing Facebook at noon during the shutdown crisis is probably going to be more taxing than the same activity at 3AM on a slow news week.)