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In the 90's I used a friend's M2 plus 35mm and 90mm lens for about 18months with the option to buy. I realized then that I am one of those that dont 'get' leica. At the time I decided that 4x5 suits me better(even for people) because the focus and small frame lines (for the 90mm) was a headache! Then I got a T2 and liked it and then a Hexar and liked it even more and then a Contax G1 with 28,45 and 90, and liked it the best of all! All the things that impressed me with the Leica, build quality, shutter sound etc were on the G1 plus the lenses were superb and focus(and framing) much quicker(for me, easier and accurate. I didn't want to be slowed down. Haven't used film much since 2004. Picked up the old Hexar yesterday and it felt large, plasticky, viewfinder was so so etc etc. the g10 felt better quality(and smaller), I dont even miss the viewfinder, and print quality is fine even on A2! I suppose I still dont get it. That new panasonic rangefinder sure looks good though....small, autofocus, affordable, good quality images etc etc almost like x1?