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Below are the paper mock-ups of our three levels: Below are the complete three level designs done in Photoshop. The levels were done in segments, so the combined images aren't that clear because I had to scale it down since the files were really large initially. Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 3 Revised (Level 1 and Level 3 were combined later on during our design phase in order to make Level 1 longer for the final prototype; but the change was not made in our prototype): I've attached the zip files of the 4 levels with the more... Continue reading
Finally for the first time in my three years in the Computational Media program at Tech, there is a class that covers what I hope to accomplish after graduation, becoming a game designer. This class by far has been the most rewarding and fun of all my courses at Tech. A class that involves playing, talking about, and creating games; it is a game designer’s dreams come true. For the most part, this class and project taught me the importance of communication in a team setting. As the game designer for our game, T-Totalers, I was tasked with designing the... Continue reading
For this blogpost I will discuss the differences between two forms, MMOG’s and virtual worlds, of video game play through two games, World of Warcraft, an MMOG, and Second Life, a virtual world. After playing both games, I can say that the game play experience for each is beyond a doubt unique. While transitioning from World of Warcraft to Second Life, the difference in game content and material is noticeably apparent. Each game offers its own set of rules and types of play for the player to explore. Although both World of Warcraft and Second Life are essentially online computer... Continue reading
The Sims is a life simulation computer game developed by Maxis. It is a game that does not conform to the paradigm of the male dominated video game. Drawing from the readings of Laurel, Jenkins, Fron et al, and Fullerton et al, I will discuss the ways in which gender is embedded within The Sims. One of the most important aspects of The Sims is that it caters to both the male and female gamer. It avoids being classified under the “Hegemony of Play” which Fron states, “ignores the needs and desires of ‘minority’ players such as women and ‘non-gamers’... Continue reading
The rise of the New Games Movement and the Fluxus movement are just a few movements that seek to break the traditional conventions of gaming or play. However, what exactly are the traditional conventions of a game? According to Pearce, games all share six distinguishable features: parameterized play (rules of the game), a goal, obstacles, resources, consequences (rewards and penalties), and information (Pearce, 69). By altering or changing these features, movements such as the New Games Movement and Fluxus movement have essentially changed the ways in which players interact or play. Three games from the aforementioned movements that subvert these... Continue reading
StarCraft is a science fiction real-time strategy (RTS) video game developed and released by Blizzard Entertainment in 1998. StarCraft is set in the 26th century where three different species, Terran, Protoss, and Zerg, are fighting for dominion in space. Although not the first in its field, StarCraft has become the ideal standard of any RTS game due to its perfect balance between the different factions, each with their own unique tech tree and units. With over 11 million copies sold worldwide, StarCraft has become one of the most revolutionary games for the personal computer, and also in my opinion one... Continue reading
Spain in the 8th to 13th century has played a significant role in the development of chess. This can be attributed to the influences of a mixed religious population of Muslims, Christians, and Jews and also to the influences of Spanish rulers during the period. Much of how chess is played in Spain during this time is attributed to the underlying religious principles of the player. This is prominent in the different representations of chess pieces from religion to religion. For example, Muslim faith forbids the representation of humans and animals through idols “in forms as diverse as painting, sculpture,... Continue reading