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Isn't it amazing how you add to your pack when you least expect it? My mother spotted a Doberman lying in a ditch and gave me a call. We loaded up and went to find her. She obviously belonged to someone--she was wearing a collar, her ears and tail were done and she'd been spayed. But, she'd also been out there a while because she was 15lbs underweight. I checked with all the vets within 10 miles and no one knew her. We couldn't keep her, we were at our limit and our Alpha girl did NOT like her. After a couple of weeks of looking for a home for her, the Alpha tolerated her and the Dobie was so clingy, we couldn't bear the thought of getting rid of her. She'd been lost/dumped once, how could we do that to her? It's been a couple of years now and she just sits and stares into your face with this "I love you SOOOO much!" look on her face.
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I have an email address that is strictly for personal stuff so I don't put it out on the internet. Unfortunately, it's something that a lot of other people apparently wanted as their email address. Let's say it's Because I had already taken it, those people had to append it in some way, most commonly by adding a number which they then seem to forget. I am now inundated with spam because those same people can't seem to remember that their email address is blah8 or 25 or whatever. I also get personal emails for at least three different people, invites to lunch, pictures, etc. Recently, I got all of a woman's private information because she was filling out a JOB APPLICATION online and used the wrong email address. Since I had her phone number, I called and let her know but what if I'd been an asshole? I could have totally screwed her over. The point of this rant...I HATE SPAM!!!!
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My text message sound is Majel Barrett as the computer saying "Incoming Subspace Signal"
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Haha, my husband had that Clerks line as a vsay in one of his games for the longest time and he didn't even know where it came from.
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In the last year, we've lost three dogs. Our 13-yr-old lab/shepherd to cancer, my grandmother's dog that we had adopted to old age and a 7-month-old puppy to a genetic defect. It never gets easier, I cried as hard over the puppy that I hadn't known as long as I did over our older ones. I know how painful it is. Our pain eased a bit when we rescued another puppy from a shelter (we did it more for our other puppy's brother than for ourselves, he was lost without his sister) - that's not the way for everyone to go - but it helped. We're so very sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
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