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Nick Fierro
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Mr. Koch, In the words of John McEnroe, you CANNOT be serious! Let's start right in the Eagles division. Think Jason Campbell is better that McNabb? Think again. Think Eli Manning is better than McNabb? Think again. Just because he won a Super Bowl doesnt make him better. (See Dilfer, Trent). And while were at it, I'm not so sure Tony Romo has passed McNabb just because he happened to outplay him in his one (and only) career playoff victory. Moving on to the NFC South: Tampa Bay -- I can't even think of the guy there. Enough said. Carolina? I think they just cut that Jake Delhomme guy, didn't they? The Falcons have Matt Ryan, who is 0-2 against McNabb in his two years in the league. But if you want to tell me Ryan is better, Ill give you that one. Now for the NFC West, which features San Francisco (Alex Smith?) and Seattle (Matt Hasselbeck). No way there. NFC North: Chicago Bears went out and got Jay Cutler. Hows that working out for them? The Lions? Who's their guy. Just like Tampa. Who cares? I'll give you the other two -- Rodgers and Favre. But Rodgers is still a work in progress. That's just the NFC. I'd get carpal tunnell syndrome if I went through the AFC with Buffalo, Miami, Cleveland, Houston, Jacksonville, Denver and, well, you get the idea. Please, enough already about McNabb. Its one thing to say they'll never win the Super Bowl with him because it really doesn't matter who their quarterback is with the system they play. They aren't winning it with ANYONE at quarterback. So, yeah, I guess you're right about that. But to imply that he's the worst in the league? That's probably the most asinine thing I've heard in my 49 years. Nick Fierro Sports Writer 610-778-2243 (office)