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You seem like you've got the important stuff hammered in already (sanitation, ferm temps) so you're on your way! Another concern I had in Southern California was my local water wasn't great...I would recommend using filtered water (I use water through a charcoal filter) or some bottled water (like that .30/gal stuff from the store) and you can avoid the funky chlorine-ish tastes I got in my first bunch of batches. Also, when it comes to documenting, I LOVE the brewday sheets from They have cool printable sheets on the side that really help you remember to write down all the important stuff. You might run into problems bringing that big ol' pot to a boil on your stove, and if you do, one of the nicest (and cheapish) upgrades I made was to change to boiling outside. I got a turkey fryer (like this one ) and it made the boil go much, much faster. But I hate to be the guy piling on telling you to buy more equipment. Heaven knows I've got way too much of my own.
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Going to PAX completely ruined E3 for me. I went to E3 from 2001-2005 or so, and PAX is just so much more about the gamer. At E3 if you were an "Exhibits Only" they had no is after all a trade show at it's core. I'm 2 blocks away in an office building and a bit jealous of all the gamer nerdage happening while I'm working (or posting comments on blogs) but I'm resting comfortably knowing I'll be getting to play all these games when they're farther along come PAX time.
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2010 on Field Report: E310 at WWdN: In Exile
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I sympathize sir, my 2 travel companions to PAX both got H1N1 and one of them is still hospitaled up due to complications from it. It appears that super nerds breed super germs, because I don't recall either of them ever getting their asses kicked so hard from a flu.
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