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Wil, I know that you know this, but just to make sure that you know it: You don't have to write fiction to be a great writer. I know I'm not necessarily an expert on the topic, but in my mind, and I know that in the mind of the countless other geeks in the world, what you write about doesn't determine your success. It's how you write it. You write very well, and I can tell that you're getting better. Write what comes naturally, but stretch your comfort level from time-to-time to allow your creativity to flourish. Don't let certain standards (such as "only fiction writers are successful") define the direction of your focus. I love this piece. Keep up the great work.
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Yes, if you could at least provide the source of said Guinness bread recipe, I would be very grateful! This was another great story Wil, I have really appreciated getting to know about a fellow geeks life through his writing -- thanks!
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I also just came here to say this! Awesome job with the show, and nice FF shirt :D
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2009 on The Creepy Candy Coating Corollary at WWdN: In Exile
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No, it's who. Really. I promise.
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I could not be more pumped about this book. Super glad you're feeling (at least a little) better. I pawed through my PAX swag on Saturday, and I think that's why I was symptomatic by Sunday evening. Glad to see I probably won't die (assuming I have the same flu as you). Woo Memories of the Future!
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