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Tara, Relax, you are just getting started and if you don't throttle them first it will pass. Girls go into this phase earlier then boys and likewise come out earlier, though I heard it is not till about 18-19. The way I look at it, we would never let go of our kids if they did not drive us up the wall first. I dreaded the thought of my son going to college in 6yrs when he was 12 yrs old. By the time he was 18, I was helping him back his bags.
Couple of problems with USB-drive based PHRs: First, no IT person in their right mind would ever allow someone to come in off the street and insert a USB into the computer/network for fear of virus. Have actually heard of some hospital IT folks actually plugging all USB ports on computers in ER. Secondly, consumer is still left with populating the PHR and once they go through that effort, will they keep it updated? There is a very small and limited opportunity for these products, maybe best left to those who travel. But there is a silver lining. Consumers simply seeing these products on the shelves of the local pharmacy will bring awareness to the market, awareness that has been sorely lacking to date.