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For all you hopelessly devoted fan's of Dorell Wright out there,we all want you to know I know you may need some counselling,may even feel frightened for his economic future,without his benefactor over the years ,Mr.Wade.I can assure you Dorell has secured the job in New York being Mr. Currry's driver!!!
definition of GROSS! when the new york knicks took on that pitiful ex-phoenix coach with his stinking gutless run-no defense resume,they allow him to waste a draft pick on his ex BUTT BUDDIES SON!!
I am going 2 go with collum-C!! O'NEAL at center,HASLEM at power forward,Q-RICH at small forward,WADE at shooting guard,CARLOS at point. THE SUBS WILL BE ,beasely,chalmers,joel,cook,jones,and maglorie.EVRYONE ELSE CAN DO GAY KNEE-CROSSOVER'S with every bucket! LAUGH AT THIS LOGIC ALL U WANT,it's gonna happen anyway in the end. superball out.
So SUPERBESE has been frackin around again,and you are all like,I AM SUPRISED! I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! HEY IQ 80's SUCK IT UP !THESE ARE THE GOLDEN YEARS FOR THAT LOONEY TUNE !ONLY DOWN HILL FROM HERE,lets trade for capn jack and call it FRACKIN EVEN OK?
When I played in the WNBA ....overseas I lost my soul in Instanbul! The scent of mint and hashish in the air that night I died a million times! The next day I could hit from about that? Superball out
I told all you academic sport poseurs the Miami Heat sucked,but you would'nt heed my wisdom.Instead you all yapped(YAP YAP YAP)like on a talk show! Could be a go-go because he's staring at me ,but she's frowning at me! Which one do I please?You talk about stats like reading off a 82game dotcom,you have no intuition,or revelations.Don't you know I seen it before and I've done it before,NBA better entertain me cos I'm blank as can be,and hey isn't that you on the screen?,I am SUPERBALL! and I know don't,it's not my fault you are going bald,do the garden,watch girl's ,work for a firm you want to burn down down.
I told u all chalmers sucked,but nooo you did not listen,i know it all.WHATS THE MATTER WITH ME?WHATS THE MATTER WITH MATTER? i know everything on the heat should be pruned,....if it's rotten YOU CUT IT OFF!!! EVEN IF ITS YOUR OWN ARM! o r dorell or yakubra or blah blah blah,...i think my dad's home ciao! superball out
You wanna know what I heard about that butt-kissing,LEECH SHAQ-EEL! tHAT HE DARED TO LAY HANDS ON RILEY! the locker room when he lied and faked injuries and sunk our year and lashed out at those who tried while he got paid 20 million!If I was present I would of smashes him ,what nerve a unskilled monster like that handling or threatening someone that old and wise.Like being accosted by a mindless golem.Then classy RILEY sends him to the then top western team,which Shaq-eel then infects and craps all over porter steals television ideas sucks up to kobe ,so so gayy,now he spills the same filth in cleveland.superball out
why do many of these blogger's waste their time in dreaming about fantastic out of this world Heat line up's that will never come to fruition? By the way way I worked as an extra on District 9! superball out
I think alot of Heat fans are really silly in thinking the future is Beasley and Cook.Riles just re-upped them so we can trade them, it is the only re-course pray SUPERBEASE keep's it together.
alysa's top ten Heat playa's.1-wade. 2-mourning. 3-thunder. 4-askins.5-hardaway.6-p.j brown.7-grant.8-mason.9-lenard.10-rice. these players have shown their value not only on the floor,but in character. I have omitted certain stat stuffing ,egomaniacal ,choking,drive-shy,overpaid idiot's.Shaq is the biggest ommision,he is to be honest just a 350 pound Lamprey. superball out
When Wade hit's the floor it's like calling in a frackin airstrike.Unfortunately..or maybe not the rest of the Heat team is usually in the perimeter.Don't get me wrong I like Haslem and O'Neal but they lack consistent punch.WORK HARDER WORK FASTER WADE WORK HARDER WORK FASTER WADE.and if you make it thru this hellbound campaign intact - TO FLEE IS LIFE- TO LINGER DEATH. superball alysa out
o.k 2010;resign WADE.get BOSH,or AMARE or BOOZER in that order.cut james jones and swallow the two million,save three towards a better player.package BEASLEY and COOK for a good small foeward or point.keep RIO because he is cheap and reliable back-up.i think with this money management we can get joe johnson for the small forward.We can buy FELTON leave the legalese and money talk to snakeheat lawyers....OH THEY CAN ALSO DOT MY I'S BLAH BLAH BLAH SUPERBALL OUT.
Hey I know roundball is fun,but check out these fine films good for the whole family;HIGH TENSION;LET THE RIGHT ONE IN;INSIDE;FRONTIERS;CAVALLAIRE;THE NIGHT PORTER;CALIGULA;THE THING;TRUE BLOOD;...AND HOOSIERS!
It's a dog eat dog world...but there's not enough dammned dogs!!
I go get a cookie and study some frackin junk, and I look on this board and it looks like all your BALLS fell off.You are all reduced to dreaming up some crack addicted trade scenarios...EVERYBODY FACE FACTS;THE SKY IS FALLING!!
I told u all the Heat would suck BIG this year,TANK Riley,unless of course he is defecting the same time as Wade!DSKY the homosexual hater blabbed all summer how good he thought Dorell Wrong was HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR! I feel much safer now that Mighty Quinn is back! Jermaine is a cripple,a 23 million dollar gimp! I know all you air-heads out there will always hold a torch for Andrei kirilenko...and u think SLEDGE is queer!
dirk,andrei,okur,harpring,gasol,morrison,radmanovic,heinrich,korver,miller,lee,nash are no good!
hey folks,this is SUPER-LYSA...I got it inke on my wrist! This is my top ten crappy players list.To get on this list is not FANTASY league crap,but REALITY crap.Like how much one get's paid,how much one DV8's from trying to win it ALL.CHOKER'S and PACIFIST are here on the list. NUMBER#10-DIRK NOWITZKI NUMBER#9-ANDREI KIRILENKO NUMBER#8-SHAQUILLE O'NEAL NUMBER#7-STEVE NASH NUMBER#6-OKUR NUMBER#6-PAU GASOL NUMBER#5-STEVE FRANCIS NUMBER#4-MARBURY NUMBER#3-IVERSON NUMBER#2-VINCE CARTER NUMBER#1-JOSH HOWARD . runner up's artest,boozer,harpring,dampier,jason terry,mike bibby,mo williams,oden,beasley,blount,mashburn,eddie jones,kaman,.AND THE LIFE TIME ACHIVEMENT AWARD GOES TO T-MAC...COUSIN OF VINCE OF COURSE!!! now i know shaq got some rings but he is a 350 pound LAMPREY! Nash does not want to win he wants money and to relax in the sun,keep his kids in school.AND LIKE PARASITIC TIP-IN ARTIST PAU GASOL FOLKS LIKE DIRK SHOULD LOOK FOR REAL KILLERS TO BALL WITH,LIKE WADE.
good lord even i could not of imagined how crappy the HEAT are now.this whole fracking team stinks,some of you are delusional enough to think the HEAT will come in at 5-seed...tell you losers what u all can do if you don't like what i type...just whine about my puncuation...a world full of useless teacher-caliber editors.NO WRITERS THOUGH. you all would be lost without your compu-stats.ME I JUST GOTTA TAKE ONE HARD LOOK AT A TEAM...AND I KNOW!! i am a olde skool grrll,and i made 17 thousand last year on sports action, y'all made frack, so shoot your mouths off,ALOHA WADE. SLE..superball out.
The 2009-2010 Miami Heat will be every teams PRAGG this year...I mean Memphis and Sacremento will bring plenty of vaseline when they see the Heat. sledge-out.
HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR!!!was i right or was i right folks,i told you all this latest incarnation of the heat reminds me of someone in a motorcycle accident,everything is fracked,except a few organs you can DONATE.i kow everything about roundball,let's tank big riles. sledgehammer out!
Dirk grew his hair out longer,because Mark likes it that long and curly...and blond and german-like.Why it justs brings tears to his eyes,his own choking little M.V.P,blown out by the WWAARRRIOOORS!!Disco Dirk and Cuban dancing the night away in Dirks cheap dive to the pulsing beat of hasselhoff.
If Cleveland Cavaliers was a living ,breathing organism.I would say by getting Shaquille ,and I was a doctor examining the Cavaliers,I would have to say they now were obese and pregnant with six months to live. Doc Alysa will send u the bill.