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You know what, I'll take Sparano's route on this one: If they feel bad because of all of this...good. They should. Despite all the talk about the receivers, Linebackers, injuries, yadda, yadda... The 53 man roster at the beginning of the year had the ability to beat any team. We proved it by smacking the Saints and Colts around for awhile. Then we caved and let wins get away from us for whatever the reason. I'm one of the few left that hasn't succumbed to the current fads of slamming my team all time, putting on paper bags, booing and stupid crap when things aren't going well, but I still support Sparano's idea that they all need to be accountable and face reality. No Sugar coating, this team had the ability to do good things...If they feel like crap for the Jets coming in and using their home for the Super Bowl, so be it. Next time when you're up 21-3 on the current best team in the league at half time, you'll remember that crappy feeling and not pack it in. Good luck in 2010 Dolphins...I'm right there with you, just like I have been the last 20 years.
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Calvin Pace played? Funny how no one noticed until he put his foot in his mouth AFTER the game. Nice one might want to show up to the stadium first, before you show up in the news. And that noise in your head?.... it's the piercing sound of inept frustration.
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Come on Mando, you're always trashing Ted Ginn when he doesn't make the play (well deserved most of the time) but don't just blow by that pretty catch he made. That was clutch...we needed that and he came up with it this time around. No need to forgive any past sins, but give him this one. That was no chump he blew by with a double move. That was the supposed "Best Lockdown Corner" in the NFL, Darrelle Revis. If all he did was make a couple of those types of plays a game, that's all we would need in THIS offense. He may have a new lease on life with Henne...who knows... OK, if you won't I will..... Way to go Teddy!!
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Really at this point, all I can do is trust Dan Henning. Why? Because Arm Chair QB is the easiest job in the world. Every NFL blog's comment section is full of 20/20 Hindsight commentary from every Joe Bag-O-Donuts that can watch TV and surf the web. I wouldn't want Dan or any media outlet trying to second guess me from the outside looking in at my job that I know intimately. The man has seen every offense, defense and game situation imaginable. And even if he strays a bit...he has wealth of people around him for checks and balances with more combined years of football coaching/playing than most of us have been alive. We always rehash this same thing after every loss. If we could've had Fasano's turnover back near the Goal line and Pat White would've connected with Teddy on that Bomb over the middle, we'd all be writing about what a genius Dan is right now. What the players say about execution may sound rhetorical and robotic, but it doesn't make it any less true. I've learned by reading posts by others that it's really tough to sound intelligent while analyzing something you see from a Bird's eye view. I'll just trust that our coaching staff knows what's best for the team, and try to enjoy the season. It's too stressful worrying about things I have no control over...or worse, critique a job I'm not qualified to do. Oh and ya man, but what's with writers acting like these guys answering your questions (at all) is an entitlement. Granted, maybe I'm misinterpreting, but I'm reading this right after reading some ignorant and arrogant blitherings from Janie Campbell over on NBC Miami about Chad Pennington. I came away from that saying... "Wow. You're lucky he even talks to you at all...." I wouldn't say another word to Janie if I was Chad. She twisted everything all up into some sort of pathetic cynical attempt at humor. Sorry..not saying you do that. Just saying all these guys are far from perfect, but they do deserve at least a return of respect for the time they give you.
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