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Glad I could be of service Doug! A few comments: • I Don't want to give the impression that dragging over the User act. en masse would have been the way to go. While technically there is a way to do this, it's better to create a fresh User Account, *then* drag various bits over from the old account into the new one. • As I mentioned there are reason for Apple creating a "monogamy" between an iPhone and one Mac. If you want to experience a neutron bomb explosion then try and tether/sync an iPhone to more than one Mac. Also the RIAA was responsible for some of this forced monogamy until DRM was removed. • For those who are curious. Doug's networking problem was fixed by putting the Airport Extreme into Bridge mode. This allowed the Netgear router to control handing out IP addresses. The tip off of where the problems lies is by going to the network System Pref for both machines. They both have to have IP addresses within the same IP range. In Doug's case one was in the 192. range (the netgear controlled Mac) and the laptop was in the 10.0 range (the Airport Extreme controlled Mac) When troubleshooting networking issues, ALWAYS check the IP addresses for the affected machines before you do anything else. Doing this step first will save you a lot of potentially needless troubleshooting down the road. • I have a fix ready to go Doug for the remote access. We need to enable a geeky feature within the Netgear called UPnP (Universal Plug and Play). No Spells required, though sacrificing an old version of Windows Me or even better BOB wouldn't hurt! HA. • This Line Out issues seems to be a rather annoying bug. I went to the Apple Store today, and recreated the issue on one of their Snow Leopard Macs as well. • And I concur with Jeff's suggestions. :-)
Toggle Commented Sep 18, 2009 on Snow Leopard problems: resolved? at dispatches
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