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i for one am really excited for this season and i cant wait to see how beasley pans out
satanloves is a moron. its laughable that you can even figure out how to create an acount. haslem is a great player for this francise. if anything beasley will be better than he would of been on any other team cause of haslem and company. the grizz wud let him run free with no defensive desires just like his college and highschool teams he would be come the next zach randophl. u have been owned my good sir.
i also enjoyed his speech and agree with these comments
we need to nab rafer alston from the nets that is exactly the type of player we need next to dwade and to teach mario some things. the nets are also a horrible organization and im sure we could get him some how
whats up guys? i have been visitor on this site for a few years now and have finally decided to join. i have been a huge miami heat fan since i was a kid im 20 i rem. tim hardaway.i rem cheering for rice with lakers. but i can honestly say besides 06 season i think this past season was the most entertianing. i hope we can all have some good convos about our favorite team the MIAMI HEAT