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I have to say, this cover art inspires in me "Great Joy and Gratitude". Seriously killer artwork. I love how it doesn't say Star Trek on the cover. This is hardcore. Whoever pointed out the black shape at the bottom was like the bottom of the TNG uniforms, THAT was a good catch. Wow. I can't wait for the whole series. I hope you continue to use that textured vector silhouette style. I'm trying to think of objects/symbols that could be used.. a Ressikan flute, android's severed head, the rotating door of that alien graveyard hotel floating in space, Data's exocomps, Portal-esque diagrams mocking trek tech schematics.. *drool* Very good work Wil and Will. More ideas: Golden Gate bridge silhouette (with futurey element to the skyline), borg cube/dice, one of those evolution of man parodies that go from ape, to man, to android, to Neanderthal Riker! I must stop. :) Last word here.. I love how this cover, and your writing perfectly capture the mix of reverent nostalgia and cheesiness that I love, looking back on TNG.
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