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On your preaching on Calvinism: I recently studied Acts 2:38-41 and developed a "How to be saved: a practical guide." In American Christianity (if I may generalize) we tend to take out the biblical understanding of "Repent" and replace it with "if you want to believe, pray this prayer," and the "sinner's prayer" goes from being a guide to helping someone understand repentance and communicate their heart belief to the Savior to a works-based, "magic words" salvation act. throught a study of this passage, we see two things about salvation: God's sovereignty & human responsibility. "God calls" and "those who accepted/received the message." this passage speaks to a proper balance between the different "Calvinistic (for lack of a better word)" passages of Scripture and the obvious heart of God, such as II Peter 3:9 & I Timothy 2:4. hope this is helpful. ryan