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Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2009 on Who is in your 2009 MLS Best XI? at Soccer By Ives
I am not a San Jose fan, but honestly that is too close to call whether that is a dive or not. I think it's entirely possible that a slight touch by a NYRB defender could have brought Alvarez down.
Toggle Commented Oct 5, 2009 on Dive or not a dive? at Soccer By Ives
Gonzalez by miles. I'm surprised De La Garza isn't up there, he's probably in the top 3 as well.
Hahahaha MLS = League 1? League 1 is way better. The best defender in League 1 is getting regular call ups for the national team while the best defender in MLS isn't getting a sniff. Oh wait...
That was a total dive by Rooney. Terrible call. Even if it wasn't a dive, the ref still shouldn't have called it since the ball ended up so far away. Rooney should get banned too.