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Hi Chad & Will, VMware only supports (NMP) MRU as Path Policy with the AX4-5i (because of Active/Passive), anyway we want to use NMP RR with an AX4-5i. @Chad Have you any recommendations in this case - should it work technically without problems so that we can use it ? Or do you see any problems ? Thanks in advance for your answer and for providing great informations through your blog!
Hi Chad, we are using an Clariion AX4-5i with ESX 3.5. (SW-iSCSI, Path Policy: VMware Native MRU) Please look at this vmtn thread: "" We are using exactly the same configuration as "oberon1973". It seems that your described workaround doesn't work in this case (haven't verified this in our environment yet because we haven't time + money for an extra vSphere test environment only for iSCSI-Failover-Testing (SMB environment). I'm not feel confident to migrate to vSphere if not even basic MRU failover works properly. I'm a bit disappointed (EMC very often tells everyone about the very good storage integration with VMware, therefore i wonder about the qa testing processes inside EMC with vSphere (vSphere is released since 3 months ..). By the way i can't find any informations about this case on powerlink (Is this not important to all (clariion) customers? Not every customer reads your blog Chad *g) Please consider this as constructive criticism. Bj Greetings from Germany