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I've had some discussion with some of my friends who came to SDCC this year. Lining up for Ballroom 20 was just insane! I managed to get into the line up between 8-8:30AM and JUST got into The Big Bang Theory panel. We had a theory that a lot of the people camping out in B20 were there for the True Blood panel which was towards the end of the day! SDCC really needs to fix this problem. I felt like I was standing in line half the time and didn't get a chance to check out other smaller panels or explore the floor more.
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It was great to see you at the Nerdist Podcast as well as at W00tstock 3.0. I wish I had the stamina to stay for the signings and photos, but, alas, I needed to rest for what was another day of standing in line! Yes, ComicCon needs to fix things so that we don't have to stand in line for hours on end, baking and burning in the sun. We should be able to enjoy all that there is at ComicCon. How did it get this way? Apparently, there was a ComicCon Feedback booth somewhere and people were really letting them have it. We'll see about next year. Btw, you are indeed a very fine young actor! :D
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This is so sweet and wonderful. I recently lost a kitty to what I think was age-related kidney failure. She was 16. It's never easy to lose a pet. My one remaining cat became rather depressed. After mulling over it for about a week, I went to an adoption clinic held by a local animal rescue group. There, it seemed that a little young calico adopted me. So I brought her home. Blue Sh*t (the older cat) is still getting use to having her around, but at least there hasn't been any hostilities between them.
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