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I have to be honest, I was totally one of those who wasn't what you may call one of your biggest fans. All I knew you from was TNG and as I know now, for the most part Wesley was written really badly. So when I first read your blog it was out of a morbid curiosity more than anything as I'd never really read any sort of "celebrity" blog before that I had any interest in. Something about yours really grabbed me though. I had this sudden realization that if put into words would probably be "hey, this guy was on Star Trek but he's really just a normal person and he's interested in a lot of geeky stuff too and he really doesn't seem like a dick at all!" That right there made me a reader for life, branching on to your podcasts and your books and your Twitter and Google+ feeds and now giving a mental cheer any time you appear on a TV show I like. I don't know where I was going with this but thanks for that. I'm not really the type to go to conventions or shows or anything like that so I doubt we'll ever actually meet but it's really kind of cool to know that there's this interesting guy out there on the other side of the country that could totally be one of my friends. And he was on Star Trek!
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