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Wil - Just wanted to drop a brief note to tell you that it is directly due to your blog posts that my husband and I started homebrewing together. About two weeks after you first blogged about doing homebrewing with your son, my husband and I were in our local liquor store. We spotted one of those little Mr. Beer homebrew kits and my husband's eyes lit up. I said that you had started homebrewing that it sounded like you were having a LOT of fun with it. I also said that if we got good enough, and you decided to come to Chicago (please oh please oh please), then maybe, just MAYBE we could give one of our homebrews to you. In the meantime, we could have a lot of fun making our beers together. One year later, we have graduated from the little 2.5 gallon Mr. Beer kits (but we still use them for smaller batches) to the 5 gallon carboys (we get our supplies from our local Brew and Grow and Midwest, but I think we are going to give A.H.S. a try) Not only are we making beer, we are also making mead. Our friends LOVE the beers we give to them, but the best part is that we are doing this together. So, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing your hobby with us. If you hadn't, I don't know if my husband and I would be having as much fun with our homebrewing! Christine
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Ohh HOORAY!!! I love how the man who is NOT a dick consistently plays one on TV! Between Evil Wil Wheaton (WWWHHHHEEEEAAATTTOOONN) and Chaos (not to mention that AWESOMELY dicky Miles Sklar on 'Numbers'), you play nasty guys really well!
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Happy birthday Wil! Enjoy your 'Oh my God I am almost FORTY' day!
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