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I'm not a glove lover, but my hands have come to appreciate them. I've never used Women's Work gloves before. I love the Ethels because I can toss them into the washer and dryer. I also like the Susie Coelho, spandex with leather palms, I bought recently. My big requirement is the velcro closure. They fit better that way, and soil doesn't work its way underneath. I would wear a medium if I win. Thanks.~~Dee
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Wow, that was interesting. Yes, tissue culture often changes plants. With daylilies, it is a huge problem. They don't take well to TC, although for years, hybridizers have been trying. Those Echinaceas are a wait see thing where I live. Lots of folks were frustrated by the yellow ones which quickly died.~~Dee
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2009 on A spy among the plant geeks at Garden Rant
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We in Oklahoma are thrilled to finally be seeing something other than Bermuda grass in our medians. Finally, some native and non-native grasses, roses, salvias, etc. Good report.~~Dee
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