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New Zealand
One-Line Bio : Yes, I am a BIOlogical entity of wetware, not cybernetic in origin. More sensible answers will come when my housework, tax-work etc are complete.
Interests: broad & eclectic spectrum of interests, see .
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Bumpy was essentially correct : Here are some pertinent atomic *radii* in nm ( nanometres )- double these to get diameters : Hydrogen : 0.037 nm , Carbon : 0.077 nm , Oxygen = Nitrogen : 0.074 nm ( at 2 sf ). So when the author of this article states "across *more* than one nanometre of water" , what actual range of distances are you really talking about for this "telepathic" effect ? Now back to more domestic & other chores ! (=;
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Oops..wrong chronological sequencing of comments. I should have said the first comment, rather than the previous comment ! Sorry ! A "random error" perhaps !
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I tend to agree with the previous comment. I wonder if this has anything to do with the EPR paradox, which operates on the quantum scale, with the above, being a manifestation of the much the same on a macromolecular scale ?? Viz : Just a "random" thought ! (=;
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