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I often jump all over Loria for not having the funds necessary to own a major league team but I agree with management on this one. Johnson hasn't really proven himself beyond one good year. The team can ill afford to make a drastic mistake and have to absorb a long term contract for a pitcher who gets hurt or pitches ineffectively. I'd say get what you can out of Johnson either on the team or traded away. His agent is an idiot for airing his complaints in the media. As for pitching on opening day in 2012, that's a long way off.
Hey Josh, don't let the door hit ya in the butt! Tell your agent you had one good year in which you pitched just over 200 innings and you already had Tommy John surgery. Oh, and also tell your agent that in Negotiations 101 you never get the best offer in your first meeting. Also tell him to stop complaining through the media. Marlin's Fans have heard it all and we're not impressed. We get to wear out your arm for another year or two if your agent doesn't get you an extension. And, since you'll be pitching for that sweet heart contract, we'll get the best of you. Thanks! I'd tell your agent I'll take the guaranteed 3 years if I were you.
Although we're not sure that Penny would have been much help, it's so frustrating to see the front office hasn't been able to do anything beyond obtaining a 31 year old major leaguer who can't stay off the disabled listto improve the team's chances of winning THIS year. We desperately need starting pitchers who can last longer than the ones we currently have. The team wasn't that far away from being able to challenge the Phillies and surprisingly, they are still in the hunt for the wild card. It seems like ownership is resigned to just playing out the season, trading away their higher salaried players and going through the same motions next year and the year after until they almost magically have higher revenues from the stadium the tax payers are paying for so the team can then raise their payroll to the medium of team salaries. I am proud that this team continually competes with the big boys but there should be a rule that all teams receiving revenue sharing MUST use the money to make their team competitive instead of lining their pockets with the profit. The front office claims they will spend more when their income matches their expenses. The choice is spend now and attract the fans when you need them the most or expect the fans to show up and then justify the spending later on. Unfortunately, from I'm sure many fan's point of view, the team must make the first move as evidenced by the fact that fans aren't' showing up even though the team is in a pennant race in September. As a die hard Marlin fan, I hope we can look at the next Collective Bargaining Agreement that will take affect for the 2012 season as a major improvement for Marlins fans in the hope that a MLB will be able to put into effect a minimum team salary that will force owners to keep up with other teams, add partners or sell their franchise to someone who has enough money backing them to run a major league team. OK, I've blown off enough steam...GO Marlins!
Toggle Commented Aug 31, 2009 on Penny to Giants? Looks Like It at Fish Bytes
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