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Americans are constantly changing their ideas of success. Back in the 1920's, a car symbolized wealth and progress, but now it is considered a necessity for every household. Americans are consumers and surround each other with new displays of wealth. With goods and services always coming up with the newest and fanciest 'it' item, the standard for what everyone should have changes along with it. One example of the constant evolution of products in America is the Apple Corporation. The symbol of a person with an iPod has changed to become almost a necessity for many middle to upper class... Continue reading
Last night, "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart" had a segment by Samantha Bee which made fun of the recentt media attention to males having a harder time in America. As I saw this last night, my first reaction to the clips of two news anchors reporting that women outnumbered men in the workplace was a little irritated. The news anchors made it seem almost like a serious topic or a problem. I don't think that these statistics have much significance besides showing a rising equality. The show later on disproves the recent reports that women are in control of... Continue reading
In Seventh Son Reverend Thrower battles with spreading his message of God to the entire village. He believes that spreading the word of God will help save the world and is his duty. There are many references to the devil when a chapter is in Thrower's point of view. Thrower believes the visions of the Visitor, are visions of an angel guiding him to complete God's wish, but to me, the Visitor seems devilish. The Visitor seems to be on the side of evil when he says, speaking of Alvin Junior to Thrower, " If he recovered, he would be... Continue reading
Today I came to the conclusion, after doing a little research, that there are only two things at school that I can and want to eat from OPRF's school cafeteria, certain types of sushi and fruit. This is not because I am picky or anything like that, but I am very allergic to dairy. To my knowledge, there are very few dairy-free options to pick from. Even if there were dairy-free options, I wouldn't be able to tell because no ingredients are listed at the school or on the school's website. There is no way to really know what is... Continue reading
In Thomas L. Friedman's article "What They Really Believe", Friedman argues that those in Congress that are opposed to the energy/climate bills really have no reason to favor drilling for more oil. Friedman uses logos and pathos to convince the reader to look past arguments against the energy bills. First Friedman proves with ethos that these people's opinion should not be trusted because they think "the world is going to face a mass plague, like the Black Death, that will wipe out 2.5 billion people sometime between now and 2050" and that it is best for America to be "dependent... Continue reading
In The Scarlet Letter, there are two ways for a woman to be marked, either she is a virgin or she's an adulterer, but when there is a way to be marked, there should be a way to be unmarked right? While Deborah Tannen in "There Is No Unmarked Woman" argues that there is no possible way for a woman to be unmarked or go under the radar. I think this applies to American society today, but not necessarily in every society. In today's society, women are marked by their appearance, title, career, marital status, and many more. Today it... Continue reading
One of the most frustrating things about reading The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, is the high degree of credulousness many of the townspeople have. Abigail manipulates the people around her and uses the court's fear to try to get the result she desires. Abigail sees to be the ringleader of the young girls, everything she does, the girls do as well. It is evident that Abigail is manipulating the gullible court by giving them the evidence they want to hear. Abigail, looking about in the air, clasping her arms about her as though cold: I-I know not. A wind, a... Continue reading
While watching the movie Three Kings, I was engrossed with the action and plot. I enjoyed the suspense of the scene with the truck crashing and spilling milk all over the place. I felt sadness when Conrad Vig died. The movie did its job of evoking different emotions, but it isn't a true war story. According to Tim O'Brien in The Things They Carried,"You can tell a true war story by its absolute and uncompromising allegiance to obscenity and evil,' (69). True war stories do not have warm, fuzzy endings or morals to them. True war stories often end abruptly,... Continue reading
Frank Warren started "Post Secret" in 2004. It started as a website where people could mail in their post card secrets and 10 new ones were posted each Sunday. Posting these secrets can be a relief, a weight of your back, or maybe a time to move on. Post Secret allows people to connect with each other from all over the country. Some entries are humorous, some are alarming, and some sound exactly like what you are going through. I think Post Secret is so popular because it gives people a chance to say exactly how they feel without worrying... Continue reading
The men of O'Briens platoon carry a plethera of physical items which differentiate depending on their desires and needs. Besides carrying pounds of equipment and weapons, these men carry diseases and emotional scarring. What is truly astonishing is the weight of their experiences of the Vietnam as young men. Their minds are still developing, but being molded into jadded soldiers. Having to replay images of death in ones mind for the rest of his life is traumatizing. I would have tried to escape reality somehow similar to how Ted Lavender and Jimmy Cross do. Although Lavender uses drugs, which I... Continue reading