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Hi Dev and fellow commenters, I have a problem with "automatic" anything and that includes "scheduling" Tweets throughout the day. My take is that IF we are always do everything automatically "to reach the most people" but if everyone is doing everything automatically, then who will read anything and, worse, who will ENGAGE? BTW, anyone who'd like to "engage" with me, please comment on my new blog DRIVING MISS SHARI, my personal brand at the moment. My goal is to reach 500 comments on my first post "How to Get Rich & Famous on the Web": I'm more than halfway there. Please help me reach 500. And I'll be responding back. :-)
Hi David, I am looking forward to "studying" your video especially since you provided the great "script outline." As a teacher AND student using your New Rules, I continue to get great ideas from you, so your format for presenting Flip videos will work for me and I plan to try it for my blog []. In addition, I have started a Squidoo lens to review Social Media/New Marketing books and yours will be the next book on my list -- especially since I have taught it now for the past two semester. Keep advising me -- and everyone. Thanks.