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Wil, this is so incredibly important. I mean, awesome for the fun aspect, but per the OLA experience, we absolutely need more people able and ready to livestream on short notice. It's also a somewhat more important step for people like you, who have the fame, however large or small the audience, because livestreaming from "average" people goes as far as a regular twitter/facebook friend circle will take it. In contrast, it will go quite a bit farther into mainstream viewing when YOU (and other big names like you, say Neil Gaiman, or his lively lovely wife, etc.) are the one streaming the report. News stations talking about your tweet, by way of example. They'll ignore swarms of pesky nameless internet users, but they simply cannot pass up the temptation to point at you or another star, even if in mockery. Mock as they will, it gets the tweet(livestream, etc) farther afield ... and THAT spreading of The Citizens Press is key to our collective survival. Thank you! (ok, I'm also picturing the hilarity of the Bloggess posting a link to you livestreaming you collating papers!)
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Yay! I was JUST pondering "improv" and "practice" .. such serendipitidodadayOoooOooo. . . ~hugs~
Toggle Commented May 31, 2011 on Jazz: The Yoga of Spontaneity at Yogafly Blog
wonderful! thank you :) here are some babes standing up to the Mafia in Sicily: (may Kali protect them!)