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Sorry about the spelling :( Believe it or not english IS my first language.
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I've been a lurker since before you went into 'exile', and a fan since the 'ensign Crusher' era. I really hate to get in touch with you this way, but it seems to be an appropriate topic to ask you about this. I have been a long time regular on a site called P2Pnet out of Canada, run by Jon Newton. For many years we have been trying to convince people that as artists of any kind they can be successful using the internet, and bypassing the middlemen such as the Music Labels, just by using the tools provided on the 'net. You won't get wealthy, but you can be successful. You are a model of this kind of success. You're recent successes with self publishing, and respect for your fan's by avoiding DRM an other garbage is a perfect example of the kind of success that ANY artist can achieve. If you have the time ( I know you are very busy ) I would like to ask you to pay a visit to P2Pnet, and possibly, if you feel it is appropriate, to talk to the members about your successes in self publishing. As I said, you are a perfect example of someone who has broken free from the chains of the middlemen, and garnered success AND respect. P2Pnet is not a den of people wanting to get things for free, but it is a place where like minded individuals try to show proof that a real artist can succeed properly using the tools available, without the need of middlemen or ridiculously restrictive copyright or contracts. I believe that everyone can benefit by your story of success in the digital market, and everyone at p2pnet would love to here your story. Once again, I sincerely apologize for the threadjack and hope to hear from you or see an article from you at p2pnet.
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