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Occasionally there is some humor to be found in research errors. My favorite example is this: While looking through a well known genealogical site maintained by a certain religious organization I came across one of my Norwegian ancestors from long ago. My heart lept with joy when I saw that whoever posted the information went back several more generations. My joy turned to laughter when I did further research and discovered that my many times great grandfather Sigurd Sigmundsson was none other than the mythological character "Siegfrid" from Wagner's famous opera, and his wife was Brynhilda, a Valkyrie. Going back still more generations I found that I was indeed related to none other than Odin himself complete with birth date and place. Along side of Odin is, of course, Mrs. Odin. Strangely, no date of death is listed for either, hmmmm. God I love genealogy!
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