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Interests: Designer of Black lgbt greeting cards
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Ok I'm just now reading this...woooooooow! Maybe it's a southern thing, but we would call Duh-wight's behavior triflin' in triflin' ass mother sucker. I've been burned by people I did art for so I know it sucks, and I know your designs were awesome. A shame you weren't compensated. Thanks for sharing and know that the universe will take care of Ms. stunt queen.
I would compare Lizzie to bein' as dumb as a box of rocks, but it would really be an insult to a box of rocks.
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I'm adding Nhojji to the new music I'm buying this weekend...along with Steph Jones. Thanks Rod for spotlighting the music of these talented brothas. Saw Blueprint at one of the past Chicago gay lesbian film fest. Ordering my copy.
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Like RuPaul use to say "You betta work bitch!" I love this drawing. RuPaul has stepped it up this season. Love the behind the scene show with all the messy drama.