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You can also blame Demand Media with their eHow articles. This is changing peoples behavior, where they first searched for a simple query, now the query is rather constructed as a question... Or is it Bing's efforts to be the decision engine rather than a search engine..
Probably targeted at any site: search, as I got the same kind of ad for my site, while it's indexed and I'm using WMC already. It would have been really smart if the add was only targeted at site: searches where the site is not actually in the index, AND not using WMC. It would be even smarter if a user is logged into their Google account, and using WMC, to display a specific tip and link to help page where they can find information on how to actually get indexed.
Would be interesting to hear if your adsense revenue really went down, or up because of higher quality. DG
What impact will it have on your sitelinks...??? This could bring you more, depending on which sitelinks show up.
Alex, Is this in your GMail account? Gmail sometimes lands email for other people in your inbox if your login name is similar as the real recipient. As I have DennisG, I get a lot of email not for my eyes. Martijn was just here, and he has martijn as his Gmail account. Just imagine how much he gets. This is sometimes I still intend to investigate a little more, because the documents I have received so far are sometimes quite confidential. From Resumes, to love letters and lawyer correspondence. Cheers DG