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I believe this "law" violates the United States federal hate crime law "Puerto Rico has authority over its internal affairs. United States controls: ...constitutionality of laws, jurisdictions and legal procedures... Puerto Rican institutions control internal affairs unless U.S. law is involved..."
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If you get no help from the principal,immediately contact the school district's superintendent and demand a superintendent hearing. Call your school board representative and let them know that the principal is violating your child's rights. You should do all this in writing as recommended above. I also suggest you include copies to your city's district attorney as well. You should also send a copy to the state's department of education commissioner and demand that they investigate why the school administration is breaking the law.
I wonder if those signs would be considered "fighting words" and is so would anyone being challenged to fight be within their rights to protect themselves by any means necessary? Of course they would have to find out first if this would hold up legally. The way the Phelps cult makes money is by suing anyone who challenges them, but there are other ways to stop them, legally of course. I'm sure men and women in the armed forces have their ways.
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