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Okay, production designers, I understand having a unifying palette on your show, but maybe we can chill out a little with the characters' shirts all perfectly matching the walls? And as if to drive the point home, the only scenes where the clothes didn't match the background took place in Middletown, Connecticut. Just in case anyone got too confused, though, Kristina did manage to wear Official Port Charles Purple. (Also, come on, Kevin! You just had to go ahead and ruin a good thing the very next morning.) Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at Serial Drama
As I was ruminating about on our Facebook page earlier, we really haven't weighed in on Duh Faces Of The Year in a while. This hall of fame/shame is an important one. Having lost Steve "smell the fart at the end of every scene" Burton a while ago to the wilds of CBS Daytime, there hasn't been quite the competition that there used to be. Luckily today Sonny and Morgan shared several scenes together. It's like a festival! In the interest of fairness, both actors were completely up for the scenes. They just both have resting duh face and it's often a good time. Speaking of facial expressions.... I don't even know what that's all about, but it's a delight. Speaking of delights, Laura and Kevin! I have serious questions about why the show is spending so much time on two vets over 50 developing a romantic relationship, this isn't their style at all! They're actually cute and smart, and Kevin's being a total weenie about trying to be chivalrous when the woman obviously wants his jock. It's downright lovely, the whole thing. So my question is this: what does this mean? Is it (a) they're both about to die,... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at Serial Drama
The people have spoken in survey form (you can still take it! one question!). It was cool to see the responses, and our beloved Beverly Hills, 90210 won by a landslide, but there was significant interest in other areas as well, so none of those are excluded. All this means is that I'll make the Bev Hills effort more than once a year! I can't promise any sort of chronological order since, let's face it, I've watched the whole series a lot and sometimes I just want to skip whole eras. And I've explained that, unlike most BH90210 nostalgia blogs and podcasts and message boards, I am unabashedly pro-Kelly Taylor, and to stay that way I need to avoid some of the Brandon/Kelly episodes, since I found her insufferably sanctimonious during that time. (I will take doing a crap thing to a friend as a teenager in the Summer of Deception any day over smug-faced sanctimony) Nonetheless, I happened to be doing an episodes fly-by and fell on one where my girl is not at her best. I'll cover it anyway. It's the premiere of the seventh season and David is directing a video starring Donna, since she is the... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at Serial Drama
I don't know why I'm punishing myself twice this week, but here we go again. Alexis has her bar hearing today and Diane thinks she's got a shot. Diane and Alexis are still friends? I can never remember their latest status. Liz gets into her car in an empty garage and Franco sits right up from the back seat like Michael Meyers, scaring the crap out of her. Romantic! I swoon! Is Lucky the only non-serial killer who's ever been in love with Elizabeth? I guess Ric wasn't technically a serial killer, but he was often unhinged and dangerous. (Lucky was a child abandoner, however, and has a case of "THE DARKNESS.") Kristina appears to be drunk-dialing Parker. Molly runs up, grabs the phone and throws it into the bushes. Molly. That doesn't erase the voicemail. Laura and Tracy are at the hospital waiting for the test results to see if Luke died on Cassadine Island or whatever. Dante and Lulu are also discussing this, as well as Nikolas's "death," which literally nobody should give a shit about since he's not dead for the fiftieth time. Yesterday I went on a trip down memory lane, back to when we called... Continue reading
Posted Aug 17, 2016 at Serial Drama
I've been watching occasionally lately, so I figured maybe it was time for a recap so I can keep up with my incredibly prolific once-a-month posting habit. Sam tells Jason she's pregnant. Sam's non-existent uterus is a TINY-BUT-HUGE MIRACLE! It just keeps on trucking! Jason is delighted, but there's the malaria concern. Ava's hair has looked better, it seems a bit fried. Jax is very irritated by Nell, Josslyn's maybe-donor. I'm not even going to try to outline the beats of this convoluted story, but it has something to do with stealing kidneys from healthy teenagers against their will and selling them on the black market (tale as old as time), but I like that they brought this actress back, she's solid. Sadly, I presume she'll be stuck acting opposite Joss a few more times at least, and that's not healthy for anyone's skill level. Jax and Sonny have competing tans, and Monica lives! Jax alleges to Sonny that if Nell tests positive as being the kidney donor, they'll have no choice but to tell Joss and there's no telling "what kind of toll that could take on her." What the hell? What toll? How many serial killers has her... Continue reading
Posted Aug 15, 2016 at Serial Drama
Hi everyone! As promised, I bring you the grand interview with the scriptwriters of this week's episode of Devious Maids, Jessica Kivnik (Freelance Writer and Writers' Assistant for the show) and David Grubstick (Story Editor). SERIAL DRAMA: First of all, I loved tonight's episode! And I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions! I love Devious Maids, and am so grateful that it livens up our somewhat empty summer TV schedules. JESSICA KIVNIK: Thank you! Tell your friends. DAVID GRUBSTICK: Glad you're enjoying this season! SD: Since most of this site’s readers came here originally for our coverage of daytime soaps, I just wanted to start off with a basic sausage-making question about some of the genre differences. Most of us are used to the daytime system of the Head Writer determining all of the overall story arcs, the breakdown writers outlining the scenes and plot points of an episode, and then the scriptwriters handling the actual dialogue, as opposed the more traditional concept of the writers’ room where more people are involved in brainstorming. Can you tell us a little about how the writing process works at Devious Maids? JK: Even though... Continue reading
Posted Jul 14, 2016 at Serial Drama
Soon I'll be interviewing a couple of the writers from Devious Maids, particularly the scriptwriters for this upcoming episode! So be sure to check back, not only if you watch that show, but if you want some fun scoop on soapy writing in general (and y'all know I'll be asking about La Lucci)! Continue reading
Posted Jul 5, 2016 at Serial Drama
I'm not going to write a big post because, even though I'm watching the two shows on my roster (B&B/GH) more than I was for years, I try not to actually use this space when I feel like I don't have much of a sense of humor about it. But I just need to post a few photos. Why would they put Sasha in this shirt/headband combo for the most important scenes of her run so far? (Aside: Felisha Cooper is a smart addition to this show, so it's no reflection on her.) Also... What did B&B do to deserve Obba Babatunde? I have no idea, but I thank them for it. I only wish they'd thought of it early enough to put Susan Flannery in a scene with him, but if this is all we've got, I can take it. The Avants were spectacular this past week. Are you kidding me? The first thing Vivienne chooses is love for her husband's illegitimate daughter? I LOVE IT. Honestly, I can't think of a better thing to happen to this show than Babatunde and Anna Maria Horsford. That said, why is Maya so utterly absent from this storyline about her own... Continue reading
Posted May 7, 2016 at Serial Drama
....which is, perhaps, not much this time around. Outstanding Drama Series General Hospital (WINNER) The Bold and the Beautiful Days of Our Lives The Young and the Restless Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Mary Beth Evans (WINNER) Tracey Bregman Kassie de Pavia Finola Hughes Maura West Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Tyler Christopher (WINNER) Anthony Geary Justin Hartley Christian LeBlanc Kristoff St. John Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series Jessica Collins (WINNER) Lauralee Bell Linsey Godfrey Peggy McCay Melissa Reeves Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series Shawn Blakemore (WINNER) Bryton James Steve Burton Jacob Young Dominic Zamprogna Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series True O’Brien (WINNER) Reign Edwards Hunter King Ashlyn Pearce Brooklyn Rae Silzer Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series Bryan Craig (WINNER) Nicholas Bechtel Max Erich Pierson Fode Tequan Richmond Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team The Bold and the Beautiful (WINNER) General Hospital The Young and the Restless Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team General Hospital (WINNER) The Bold and the Beautiful Days Of Our Lives Outstanding Guest Performer In Drama Series Obba Babatunde (WINNER) Anna Maria Horsford Adam Leadbeater Dee Wallace Frank Runyeon Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series The Bay... Continue reading
Posted May 2, 2016 at Serial Drama
Random Non-Sequitur Notes I've Jotted Down During the Last Two Episodes It's been a long time since I've had anything nice to say about GH, but if every episode could be interesting conversations about identity and people bonding in non-purple offices -- sometimes even outdoors(!), I might stay on board. (Special note: this bullet point was on Friday; Monday dove heavily back into purple offices and costumes because they are deliberately taunting me, it's clear.) That's two men in two days condescendingly telling women to "calm down." (Jason to Sam, Julian to Nina.) Hey fellas, pro tip: you've just discovered the quickest way to make women do the opposite of "calm down!" Hayden's con literally got busted by.... googling? I have friends I love who will resent me forever for this but: I like Hayden with Nik. And y'all may have noticed on here, it's hard to make me enjoy Nikolas. Britt was the first non-Gia pairing that didn't make me sleepy, and this one surprisingly works for me. I know she's a poorly drawn character, but who isn't these days? Point being: it's a shame. Hard to come back from this one, and sweet mercy please spare us more... Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2016 at Serial Drama
Come back later after the nominations have been announced to complain/cheer/wonder when this gets called a participation award! And..... here we go! (with more details filled in later, of course!) OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTOR: Tyler Christopher, GH Tony Geary, GH Justin Hartley, Y&R Christian Leblanc, Y&R Kristoff St. John, Y&R OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS: Finola Hughes, GH (!) Maura West, GH Kassie DePaiva, DAYS (!!!) Tracey Bregman, Y&R Mary Beth Evans, DAYS OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTOR: Sean Blakemore, GH Steve Burton, Y&R Bryton James, Y&R Jacob Young, B&B Dom Zamprogna, GH OUTSTANDING SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Linsey Godfrey, B&B Peggy McCay, DAYS Melissa Reeves, DAYS Jessica Collins, Y&R Lauralee Bell, Y&R OUTSTANDING YOUNGER ACTOR: Nicholas Bechtel, GH Bryan Craig, GH Tequan Richmond, GH Max Ehrich, Y&R Pierson Fode, B&B (more after the jump) OUTSTANDING YOUNGER ACTRESS: Reign Edwards, B&B Brooklyn Rae Silzer, GH Ashlyn Pearce, B&B Hunter King, Y&R True O'Brien, DAYS OUTSTANDING DAYTIME DRAMA SERIES: Ahem, all of them (No seriously) OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES WRITING TEAM: The Bold and the Beautiful General Hospital The Young and the Restless OUTSTANDING DRAMA SERIES DIRECTING TEAM: The Bold and the Beautiful Days Of Our Lives General Hospital OUTSTANDING GUEST PERFORMER IN A DRAMA SERIES: Anna Maria Horsford,... Continue reading
Posted Mar 24, 2016 at Serial Drama
At this point, I'm watching entire scenes I'd normally skip just to hear how incredibly stilted the latest ad copy for Shriners Hospitals for Children® sounds coming out of the various actors' mouths. Listen, I get that it's a great cause and I'd rather they plug this than, like, Snickers or whatever Genie Francis was up to surreptitiously last week, but there actually is a way to get this information out there without making it sound like it's being read off of a brochure. Here's a way! Put bowties on Aidan and Cameron! Okay, that wasn't about delivering more natural dialogue, but as a bowtie fan from way back, I found this to be the most charming part of the episode. It didn't even matter that horrible Nikolas was also wearing a bowtie and had helped to facilitate the adorableness (which apparently was Spencer's idea, in which case I'm mildly annoyed about it in a theoretical sense but we're here talking about it visually, viscerally, and on those levels IT WAS LITTLE BOYS IN BOWTIES!). Adorable! Even Nikolas looks pretty darling in that thing. There, I said it. LET'S NEVER SPEAK OF THIS AGAIN. In fairness, a couple of miraculous... Continue reading
Posted Feb 29, 2016 at Serial Drama
Okay folks, I'm recapping today's episode of Days of Our Lives because it's Kassie DePaiva's last day as Eve, and I have a long, long history of adoring Kassie DePaiva. I haven't seen most of her run. I stopped by last year for a few days and then peeked in every now and then (particularly to watch the episodes around Eve losing her daughter to some serial killer or another* and to check out the A Martinez situation), and I watched her scenes yesterday (and fast-forwarded through about a million people from All My Children and One Life to Live, including Rex standing there with terrible hair talking to someone who looks way too much like Stacey Morasco to not trigger some PTSD). And that's about it. So I'm coming in not totally blind, but something closer to legally blind. (Who was that girl she was vocal-coaching yesterday?) So they open by wasting DePaiva's last few moments by repeating the back half of her scene from yesterday. So she's taking this girl to NYC for a Juilliard audition, I guess? Maybe you can get us some tickets to Hamilton? You're adorable. Sure, I'll sell my private jet in exchange for... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2016 at Serial Drama
Hey, Fosters viewers (and Serial Drama readers who don't watch the show but just like reading TV blogs!), I think I'll skip doing the beat-by-beat recap this time because it does get a little dull. I'm going to shake it up a tiny bit. I AM LIVING ON THE EDGE, PEOPLE. Here we go! Wait, so this is the car Brandon drives? Somebody's going to have to refresh my memory. That can't be his car, right? Is that the one that Callie's bio-dad bought for her? It has to be, doesn't it? Anyway, just more of Brandon's horrible life, just having to drive around in a sweet ride like that. Pretty sure that car could pay for a year at Juilliard, but if it's Callie's, they better not let her sell it FOR LOVE or whatever. (Okay but seriously, is it Brandon's?) Basically the A-storyline starts when Jude is reading Romeo and Juliet for school and quotes a passage, asking what it means. Dream-teen heartthrob Brandon knows! "It means Romeo wants to bang his sister," he says. Or really something about how hard it is being apart from the person you love, and he and Callie exchange gross incestuous looks.... Continue reading
Posted Feb 1, 2016 at Serial Drama
It's the most exciting day of the year! Out of the trillions of possible nominees in a whopping 4 remaining series, the Emmy folks painstakingly pore over hundreds and hundreds of hours worth of lengthy 4-minute reels from the acting nominees and narrow it down to a mere ten in each category so that they only have to watch ten 20-minute reels in the next round. What more accurate way to evaluate who was the very "best" in shows that create roughly 250 hour-long (or half-hour-long in just one case) episodes a year? I'll tell you: there is no more accurate way. Simply un-possible! Okay but seriously: eh. Here we are. Here are the pre-noms. OUTSTANDING LEAD ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIES TRACEY E. BREGMAN, as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin The Young and the Restless, CBS EILEEN DAVIDSON, as Ashley Abbott The Young and the Restless, CBS KASSIE DEPAIVA, as Eve Larson Days of Our Lives, NBC MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN, as Chelsea Newman The Young and the Restless, CBS MARY BETH EVANS, as Kayla Brady Days of Our Lives, NBC FINOLA HUGHES, as Anna Devane General Hospital, ABC KATE MANSI, as Abigail Devereaux Days of Our Lives, NBC GINA TOGNONI, as... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2016 at Serial Drama
The Fosters is back! The Fosters is back! Okay, I don't actually know if I'm excited about this, because at the mid-season break I was so grossed out that I was pretty damn ready to give this show up for good. I guess I should be grateful that Brandon didn't have sex with his little sister after the adoption went through moving them from foster siblings to actual complete and total forever siblings? But I didn't feel very grateful, since these events were only separated by one episode and I'm still working on scrubbing my brain of the image. And I don't hold out hope that the adoption means they'll permanently drop "Brallie" (vom) and just go on telling the other lovely stories that they tell. But I do hold out hope that there will be other stories that are good enough to watch that I can... overlook the grossness? We'll see. But I'm not ready to say goodbye to Stef and Lena. Or Mariana. Or, for the love of all that is holy, Jude. I am not willing to let go of Jude. Yet. So here I am. For now. The "previouslies" are already hurting my brain. So much... Continue reading
Posted Jan 25, 2016 at Serial Drama
I had the evening off and planned to spend it working out, so obviously I'm just going to recap a daytime soap opera I almost never watch anymore instead. This is what's known as "healthy decision-making." Apparently Crimson's relaunch was a huge success, which Nina explains to Franco in weird, conspiratorial tones. Julian is convinced that the success is a fluke, and tells Alexis he can't wait to see Nina fail. Meanwhile, Olivia calls him to ask him to watch their kid for the day. Since she's cuffed to a table at the PCPD for some reason. Kevin! Kevin is there! Apparently he's treating Jake (sweet mercy, please tell me he's been in treatment this whole time?). Liz mentions that Jake is super-possessive of Jason, so the little zombie has taken some of his mother's behavior as an example, that's for sure! Liz's hair looks so good that I want to punch a wall. Sam and Jason are at some restaurant. Is this the same restaurant at the hotel? I keep getting confused because so much of the set design looks exactly the same these days. Sam says something about Nikolas being the aggressor, which is good news for Jason,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 20, 2016 at Serial Drama
Well, it's been a couple months. I figure I should do a drop-by! After all, isn't today the 4th anniversary of the day we said goodbye to (at least the network version of) One Life to Live? I should give a soap a little love today. As usual, I preface this by saying I almost never watch the show. I did watch Robin and Patrick's wedding and departure, and I did watch one or two of the big "reveal" episodes regarding the show's sainted epicenter, but that's about it. I'm trying to remember if I even like any of the remaining characters. Anna? Ummm... I'm at a loss. There are folks I used to enjoy, but it's been a while since I was given a reason to root for them. Let's check in and see if anyone's worth throwing my enthusiasm behind. Maxie's boyfriend shows up. I guess it's been a while. I don't remember his name. Nathan? Nate? Let's go with that for now. She flashes back to seeing Johnny, who is... on the lam? I guess? (Meanwhile, Matt's still rotting alone in prison for saving a boat full of people from a serial killer, but whatevs. Sonny loves... Continue reading
Posted Jan 13, 2016 at Serial Drama
All right, fine. Sweeps-a-licious stuff is allegedly happening on GH these days, so let's take a look. Alexis and Julian are in some hideous purple office, and then we cut to Maxie and some guy (is this Dillon?) in the hideously purple Haunted Star, and then we cut to Lulu and Laura in a room decorated with way too much purple. Seriously, what the hell is going on with the purple? Sonny's reaching for a pitcher of coffee and accidentally knocks in over because wheelchair, and I'm going to hell because I laughed, right there, right out loud, yes I did. Apparently Sonny lost custody of his daughter and it's Carly's fault. Carly, meanwhile, is stopping by Liz's house (which is mostly shades of rust and shockingly little purple). She needs Jason to go tell Sonny that he's Jason. Oh wait, nope, there's purple in her couch cushions! Carly whines at Jason some more about how he needs to help her. Franco and Nina are talking about -- oh for fuck's sake FRANCO IS WEARING PURPLE. (Listen, I'm super sorry if I'm an asshole and purple is, like, the official "thank you veterans" color today on Veterans' Day and this... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2015 at Serial Drama
Preach, Vivienne Avant! Man, y'all, her big speech about not being raised in a time when women were encouraged to be their authentic selves? And how that led her to lose Maya, and so now she has to fight for her other daughter? So good. Julius is a vulgar bully played by a brilliant actor, but it's nice to have his wife around to take the same "anti" position regarding the surrogacy but for all the right reasons. That said, while I want to love any storyline that brings the Avants into town and even gets them into a family discussion with the likes of Brooke and Eric (!), this whole thing feels a little pointless, doesn't it? We have Nicole's parents aggressively opposed to this surrogacy and we have Maya telling Nicole twelve times an episode that she's free to change her mind at any time. So what is the issue, really? Why are Maya and Rick so in need of this when they claim it's okay for it not to happen? They have more money than Midas! Of course Maya would like to use Nicole's egg. HIRE A DAMN SURROGATE! GIVE THE SURROGATE NICOLE'S EGG! They could pay... Continue reading
Posted Nov 2, 2015 at Serial Drama
It's been a while! Which is weak on my part since I have been watching B&B (though let's not even talk about Nashville, the state of that show is a sore subject). So what the heck, shall we take a look at today's episode? When we left off yesterday, Ridge decided that Brooke was born yesterday and tried to make her believe he'd gotten his vasectomy reversed after all. Thankfully, she is not buying it for one second. Caroline looks very nervous when Pam tells her she's already told Brooke about the pregnancy. Wyatt and Ivy eat each other's faces again. It's amazing that Steffy's lip color matches the shade of her dress exactly. I find this highly impressive. Lip color lasts no longer than half my morning commute on me, so I've never aimed for such coordination. A fantasy only! Charlie and Pam express bafflement about Brooke's shock upon hearing of Caroline's pregnancy, which is interesting since yesterday's scriptwriter had them thinking that made perfect sense because of Ridge and Brooke's history. Ivy and Wyatt continue to discuss Ivy's near-brush with the horror of lingerie modeling. Do we feel like Ivy and Wyatt have ever gone out on a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 21, 2015 at Serial Drama
Y'all. SO MUCH HAPPENED on the season premiere of Nashville that I don't even know where I'd begin recapping it all, so I'm just going to make a quick list in case anyone needs a cheat sheet to keep up with all the drama! To sum up, here's where we left things off at the end of last season: - Scarlett was dating a doctor fellow but also trying to resist feelings for Gunnar, who was being inappropriately petulant and pouty and pushy about the whole thing. - Avery was pretty much raising Cadence on his own because Juliette had PPD, apparently, but in reality was just back to being the beast she was when we first met her. - Maddie was a brat and Daphne was adorable. - Teddy was on his way to prison. - Layla and Jeff were in some sort of very twisted, emotionally abusive relationship. - Will was dealing with a bunch of internalized homophobia, but had finally publicly come out, much to his label's dismay. - Rayna and Deacon were back together, and Beverly and Deacon were both under the knife for Beverly's liver donation for Deacon's transplant. - Steven Tyler existed in the... Continue reading
Posted Sep 25, 2015 at Serial Drama
So I'm doing a full re-watch of Beverly Hills, 90210 now that it's streaming on Hulu and now that you can get Hulu without commercials (thank you, television gods!), but apparently over 60 episodes of the show are completely missing because Hulu wasn't able to get the music rights. Which is particularly hilarious since all the actual pop music from the show has been replaced anyway by some terrible pop-punk/grunge hybrid something-or-other, to the point where literally characters are singing along to the WRONG SONG and references are made that make zero sense at all. (I mean the series finale is missing!) Point being, some of the most iconic episodes aren't there, so I added a few of the DVDs to my Netflix queue to fill in the gaps. I won't be recapping the whole series, but just episodes here and there, and what better episode to start with than "The Next Fifty Years," otherwise known as the Very Special Episode in which former series regular Scott Scanlon bites it after playing with his dad's gun. Don't play with guns, kids! They're not toys! They even say that in the episode! (WARNING: most people who still talk about the original... Continue reading
Posted Sep 20, 2015 at Serial Drama
That's sort of where I am with this show. The high-octane excitement of both the Aly story and the Avants story has died down and we're mostly watching a blackmail story with nobody to root for, but you know what? B&B has the grace and dignity to be 30 minutes long. Really just 18 minutes if you're skipping the ads, and that asks very little of us. It's a lot easier to keep checking into this show even when it's not riveting than it is with an hour-long drama. But when I think about B&B and its bigger picture for me, I struggle, and I realized why. I'm not devoted to any characters on this show. I find some more infuriating than others (Liam), I find some relatively entertaining regardless (Quinn), I love to hate a handful (Bill), but there's no one who excites me enough that I'm always going to be in their corner. Despite how we viewers always love to list the litanies of past sins of the folks we're not rooting for in order to make some point about those we are, the only characters on soaps who haven't ever done anything really horrible are boring. And... Continue reading
Posted Sep 2, 2015 at Serial Drama
I'll be brief but I thought I should at least acknowledge the season finale of The Fosters. Or the mid-season finale? Summer finale? I still can't quite figure out how it works. I was kind of dreading sitting down for the episode after I flipped right out last week when Callie and Brandon "finally" had sex, and this week we were treated to rationalizations like "We didn't do anything wrong, we weren't even technically fostering you at the time!" (that gem via Brandon, naturally) It is perhaps a little odd that Brandon considers himself to be part of the unit that was fostering Callie, as if sibling-fostering is a specific action verb, and he feels himself to be a fosterer of this teenage girl, maybe -- JUST MAYBE -- it's still gross that he boned her. And now he did literally bone his sister. I guess? Because this being The Fosters, the big adoption celebration at the end could completely explode in the first episode of Season 3B because somebody somewhere forgot to cross a T or because it actually turns out Callie's bio-mom is alive. Really, what would this show's throughline be if not "a new wrench in Callie's... Continue reading
Posted Aug 18, 2015 at Serial Drama