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To any that say the people that new about this child should have done something to help him, they did they called cps many time and cps did nothing they let the child stay so it was not the grandparents fault just a broken system.
This human excrement! who has breeding this thing again? STOP Breeding with this woman. We need to have a licensee to fish drive or get married but anybody can be a parent (anne frost) we should have to be licensed to have children.
Thank God we will not have to support anymore of this rabbit hos offspring
This is what is wrong with this country a man protects his property and he is the bad guy I have no sympathy for this theif if he had not been stealing he would not have gotten shot. this crap about "The poor crook and his rights" I would have shot him too. Good ridiance now he will not come and try to steal my stuff. And to all you fighting over the law, whatever it says you are not going to get a jury to convict this guy no way.
How come do people like us just post on message boards and blogs insted of changing things. Lets get active contact senetors and congress let local and national leaders know how we feel. Kids like this do not hurt people it is the ones in the poor areas run by gangs that want to defend themselves. We let the gangs run around and expect the police to do it they cannot by themselves and schools are forced to come up with idiotic zero sense policys to try to protect students. Get involved if you see somone dealing drugs call police take a picture take a video if everyone did that these roches whould have no dark corners to hide in and we could get rid of these stupid rules. Please do not scold me I know that gangs are not the whole problem but stopping them would go a long way
Quite crying over a 19 yo cat there are a lot of cats at the shelter who are younger and still able to play that need a home go adopt one
Now he will get his 7 Virginians HA HA hope they are well endowed