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By the way, I didn't mean for that to sound snippy. I meant to say "go back and re-read what I said." Again, I phrased it poorly, but my intent was to highlight the European approach to youth development. Of course, it also helps when you've got thousands of clubs with their own youth programs, rather than, well, none.
Go back and read what I said. It wasn't the smoothest sentence ever, but what I meant was that youth soccer in Europe isn't a for-profit business. It's an developmental expense. Here, in the US, it's a hugely profitable and expensive enterprise, and we're shooting ourselves in the foot because of it. You see it from the standpoint of "Tough. If you can't afford it, don't play." I see it from the standpoint of "We're continually retarding our growth potential as a national program because we focus on the wrong things." What we need are more people willing to go out and start their own programs. Something I'm actually working on now, believe it or not. That's how great my frustration is with this. Also, I would argue that frequently in these soccer programs you do NOT get what you pay for. From my experience (and I've been involved for a number of years), the utterly useless to just mediocre coaches far outnumber the good to great.
I don't coach (and believe me, it's a good thing) period. However, I have a friend who is a top notch skills development coach (the best I've ever encountered), and he does, in fact, coach for free. The model needs to start, like it does in Europe, with the club teams. Youth development isn't a for-profit business, but an investment in the future of the team. In order to do that, MLS needs to change the way players are signed and retained. MLS can lead the way if they so choose. The way the system is now is flawed. The US isn't ending up with the best players, they are ending up with the best players who can afford to pay for it. And, quite frankly, the quality of the coaching even at the PDL (youth PDL, not USL PDL) level is complete crap. Coaches at that level coach for results, not development. It sucks and, as a parent, I hate it.
Here is the real problem: youth soccer is too *&^%$#@! expensive in this country. Hell, youth sports are too *&^%$#@! expensive. However, when you are talking soccer and every other country around the world develops young players for very little cost to the parent (or even free), as well as gives them world class training, how is the US supposed to compete? The entire structure needs to be torn down and I have my doubts it ever will be. College soccer can be great, but those games are few and far between. For the most part it is comprised of long balls over the top and raw athletic talent. I can watch that at the rec level.
No idea what you are talking about. Clearly.
Truth is either an idiot, or a DCU fan. I'm opting for the latter. Anyone who fancies themself a soccer fan who cannot recognize the gift that Montero possesses is an idiot. MLS got one right.
The entire lineup was awful in that Chicago game, but he didn't really affect the team negatively. Last night, he did. He really should have been pulled at the half.
The contact made was deliberate and with intent. It was stupid, unnecessary and should have resulted in a red card. Was it as bad as Wick's stomp on Fredy? No. But it still should have resulted in an ejection.
Zakuani had, quite possibly, the worst game of his professional career last night. He was terrible (and I love Zakuani). (SBI-I seem to recall watching Tim Ward shut him down at Toyota Park in the middle of the year. Zakuani got subbed early in that one. I have a feeling that was his worst game of the year. He actually drew some corners last night.)
You miss the point. This was contact initiated after the play was whistled dead. It should have been a red, Montero's embellishment notwithstanding. Quite frankly, I think the only reason he didn't get a red is because it WAS against Montero. I can't argue about the finishing, but to excuse the contact is ridiculous.
I watched it as it happened. Onstad very clearly walked directly at Montero and bumped him with his chest. This was purposeful contact that he initiated.
All I want to know is how in the hell does Onstad not get a straight red? That was pathetic. I don't mind letting play go, or over calling, but this guy was completely and utterly inconsistent.
Why is it an embarassment? It's the playing surface available. MLS knew it going in when they awarded the final to the Sounders. If you're too embarassed to watch it, well, don't.
Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That's almost funny enough to be on BigSoccer.
LA has a very slow back line. If Seattle meets them in the Conference Final, look for Zakuani and Evans to play wing and make their backs look silly. I also think that the two matches played between COL and SEA prove that they match up very well indeed. That's the final I expect (and hope for, quite frankly, as an unabashed SSFC homer).
I'm a Sounders fan, but I have to agree with you 100%. Thornton has been truly ridiculous this year, and Chivas would be in the ass end of the Western Conference without him.
Toggle Commented Oct 23, 2009 on Who is your 2009 MLS MVP? at Soccer By Ives
For me it comes down to Hurtado and Montero. I don't see any way to pick Hurtado over Montero, simply because Montero has been so key to our attack. However, without Hurtado our defense is crap. El Presidente, truly.
As a Sounders fan, I had to vote for Thornton. He has been an absolute monster this season.
Thse comments are truly amazing. Equating dangerous, violent play with someone being a "noted diver". If only Montero had the integrity of someone like, say, Wicks. Give me a freaking break. @MVK: Sorry, dude, I've watched the replay many times, and it sure as hell looks to me like there was contact. Looked like it right away and still looks like it. So there is no way you can say that it's "pretty clear Wicks didn't touch him". If there is this much dissent about it, it's obviously not clear at all.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on U.S. Open Cup Final: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives
Anyone, ANYONE who thinks Wicks didn't deserve his red is an idiot. Hell, you're worse than an idiot, you're a Timbers fan. I don't care what team he plays for, and who the recipient of his stomp is, that action is a STRAIGHT RED. If you think otherwise, you need to have your soccer fan card revoked, because you're too stupid to carry it.
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2009 on U.S. Open Cup Final: A Look Back at Soccer By Ives