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I agree David re the future of Twitter. In my own research, (exploring social media's usefulness in generating social good), I'm sometimes asked about other, newer platforms, some of which might not even exist yet. There will always be new platforms and in respect to Twitter, potential imitators. However Twitter will always have that 'first mover advantage'. I think the future for a Twitter is exciting. I understand that research indicates that 50% of people now get their news from Twitter, and in real time, something you have previously so eloquently written about. For Twitter, developing alignments with other traditional media such as tv is an exciting prospect. Good luck with your shares purchase David.. And thanks as always for your post.
Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2013 on Twitter IPO at Web Ink Now
Great advice David. Thanks. Perhaps along the lines of 'show, don't tell'? Hey, did you catch the 2011 World Cup Rugby Final Haka? Here's the link: Great! Have a good weekend!
Ordered already. Can't wait. Thanks David for being so prolific.
Hi Adele - Tks for the great post. Really interesting to learn that a persona type exists for this work. 'Michael' sounded familiar - I'm also an ENFJ! :) Look forward to more posts. Best wishes PS David says 'hi' from Melbourne!