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Fire Bradley! just kidding.
How about we send Larrionda to Honduras to sort things out?
Yeah, why keep a guy in who can hold possession when you can keep a guy on who's coughing it up left and right?
What a f'n strike!
Hey at least Bornstein isn't the worst player on the field today. /ducks
I feel like I'm on a cruise ship.
I love it that Ives did a "meet the ref" post earlier today. I like to know who I'm going to be hating ahead of time.
I think that at this level and with this much at stake, there shouldn't be anyone starting to "build up their confidence." If you want to build Bornstein's confidence back up, then start him in some friendlies in the fall. Things are a little too tenuous to be stroking the fragile egos of players or making some kind of point about the validity of your selections. That said, I like the rest of the lineup. I'm hoping that with Clark as a holding midfielder, Bradley the Younger can move up in attack. I know I'm stealing someone's analysis, but against ElSal, both he and Feilhaber went forward and left a gap in front of the defenders. Some balance in the midfield should help us control the game more. In theory, that is.
Does Bornstein have pictures of Bradley with a goat or something? much as you can dominate a one-goal game with your opponent knocking on the door right up to the final whistle. Again, to be positive, we were able to get the three points with a backline that was held together with scotch tape and 3/4ths of the team carrying yellow cards. We get Gooch back at TnT, hopefully Davies can recover, and we can put this puppy to bed. Now, come on Costa Rica!
Nothing like holding on for dear life against the dregs of the group.
Wow. Great header by Torres but awesome save.
Has this match proven once and for all that Bornstein isn't cut out for this level? On a positive note, you gotta love how Davies gets after it. On a negative note, if teams in Europe had to deal with this kind of officiating, there would be an f'n investigation. Maybe Dr. Wagner bought the plane tickets...